Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral | Tallinn | Estonia

Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral | Tallinn | Estonia

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is Tallinn’s oldest Orthodox church and the most ostentatious place of worship. Located in the Old City, this place of worship was built in 1894 for the purpose of spreading Russian architecture in the city when the country was under the rule of the Russian Tsar. This cathedral is symbolic of the policy of Russifying Estonia.

Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral


When Estonia was under the domination of Soviet Russia in the 20th century, the Cathedral was neglected because the Soviets defined themselves as atheists. Despite the constant opposition of the Estonians to this policy, and even after the country gained its independence, this cathedral remains one of the most important structures in Tallinn.

After gaining absolute independence in 1991, the Estonian state carried out the necessary maintenance and renovation work for the Cathedral. The cathedral is named after the 13th century Estonian hero, Alexander Nevsky.

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