Amalienborg Palace | Copenhagen | Denmark

Amalienborg Palace | Copenhagen | Denmark

In a country governed by a constitutional monarchy, it is quite normal for at least a part of tourism to be based on the royal family. Their palaces, collections, histories and jewelery attract the attention of every tourist. This is also very normal because everyone is curious about the lives of royal families. This is the case in England, Norway and Denmark… So when you go to Denmark, it is natural to want to see the palaces of the royal family. Here is Amalienborg Palace, which is a must-visit place in Copenhagen for those who are interested in royal life…

Amalienborg Palace


Not all parts of the palace are open to visitors. This is also normal because this is the home of Queen Margrethe II. The Queen was born in this palace and still resides here. The motto of the Queen, who ascended the throne in 1972; “With the help of God, with the love of the people, Danish Power.”

Queen Margrette II is the second queen after Scandinavian Queen Margrethe I, who reigned from 1375-1412. Of course, we should not think that Denmark is governed by a monarchy. The kingdom here is also symbolic of England and so on. The Queen is not able to engage in politics, she has no more functions than being a symbolic, historical and touristic figure.

Amalienborg was originally built for four noble families. However, when Christiansborg Palace became unusable in the fire in 1794, the royal family took Amalienborg Palace and moved here.

Denmark has been king for more than a thousand years. In the palace, you are allowed to see objects related to the lives of kings and queens who ascended the throne in the last 150 years. When you wander around the palace and the Amalienborg Museum inside the palace, it goes back 150 years, to King IX. Christian and Queen Louise, you will go to your period. The people who have sat and are sitting on the thrones of England, Russia, Denmark and Greece in the past and present are descendants of this king and queen.

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