Archiginnasio Palace | Bologna | Italy

Archiginnasio Palace | Bologna | Italy

One of the most popular spots in Bologna is the Palazzo dell’Archiginnasio, the Archiginnasio Palace. From 1563 to 1805 it was the building of the University of Bologna, the oldest university in the world. Today it is used as a public library. The palace is located in Galvani Square and contains thousands of works of manuscripts, letters, books, drawings, and prints.

It is the largest library of the Emilia-Romagna region. In the 16th century, Bologna is now under the administration of the Papal State. Pope IV. Pius ordered some buildings to be arranged, including the central Maggiore Square, and the construction of new buildings in the city. In 1562, he organized the construction of the Archiginassio Palace through his ambassador, Cardinal Charles Borromeo.

Archiginnasio Palace


The purpose of this building is to gather the University of Bologna, which has departments such as law, medicine, philosophy, mathematics and physics, into a single building. The building, which was built quickly for this purpose, was put into service in 1563. Until 1805, the university used this building, but then it was moved to its present building, Palazzo Poggi.

The Archiginnasio Palace has two floors and, like almost all buildings in Bologna, has porticoes. In the inner garden of the palace, there is Santa Maria dei Bulgari, which is no longer used as a church. More than 6,000 coats of arms are found on the walls of the building. These crests are the crests of the cities from which the students, who are the presidents of the student clubs, come from.

Among them are the coats of arms of some academics. One of the most striking points of the building is the Teatro Anatomico. This amphitheater, which is used for anatomy lessons, was built in 1636. Busts of many scientists, especially Hippocrates, are also in the amphitheater.

  • Address: Piazza Galvani 1, 40124 Bologna, Italy
  • Nearby Places: Chiesa di Santa Maria della Vita, Teatro Anatomico

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