Austrian National Library | Vienna | Austria

Austrian National Library | Vienna | Austria

The Austrian National Library, known as the State Hall, was established in Vienna, the capital of Austria, in 1368. The building is inside the Hofburg Imperial Palace. There are approximately 7.5 works in the archive of this national library located in the city of Vienna. This library was originally established as the Imperial Palace Library. The first foundation date is thought to be probably the 16th century. The library is located in the old city wall of Vienna. In front of the building, Emperor II. There is a statue of Josef (1765 – 1790).

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A member of the Hofburg family, who had a say in the administration of Austria for 600 years, II. Josef is a very far-sighted ruler. II. By making moves ahead of his time, Josef ended the slavery of peasants and established a free and compulsory primary education system in cities, towns and villages. Again II. During the reign of Joseph, the political rights of the Catholic Church were limited and many religious orders were closed. Giving equal rights to different religions, Josef opened the parks of large estates in Vienna to the public.

The design of the library building dates back to 1680. However, the construction was delayed due to the siege of the Turkish army, which has an important place in the pages of history. The library, whose construction was started only in 1723, was started to be built on this date with a more massive and comprehensive plan. Thus, the library, which was faced with a danger at the beginning, came to life as an architectural monument of the city of Vienna. The building was built between 1723 and 1726 in Johann Bernhard Fischer v. It was built by his son, Josef Emanuel, according to Erlach’s plans. The library has taken its place among the characteristic works of the Austrian Baroque period. Especially the magnificent hall part, which is the core of the library, has an aesthetic structure that will go beyond the borders of Austria with its architectural uniqueness and play to the top in Europe.

In addition to its architectural perfection, the library, which is also a deep resource, contains many works. Prince Eugene’s library of 15,000 volumes is located in the great hall.

  • Visiting Information: The library is closed on Mondays in October-May. Other times it serves between 10:00 – 18:00. Those under the age of 19 can visit the library museum free of charge. The entrance fee for adults is 8 Euros.
  • Address: Josefsplatz 1, Vienna 1010
  • Directions: You can reach the library by bus lines 2A, 3A or tram lines 1, 2, D and J.
  • Nearby Places: Hofburg Imperial Palace, Albertina, Imperial Cryript, Wiener Staatsoper, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Natural History Museum, Minoritenkirche, Michaelplatz, Graben and Kohlmarkt, Stephanplatz.

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