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Best Places to Visit in December | Malta, Finland, Iceland | Travel Guides

Although the winter months are not attractive to many of us to take a travel, explore cities, and meet new cultures, the situation is actually very different. Many destinations from different continents are waiting to be discovered in summer and winter, as long as you have the intention to set off.

It is now customary to spend the Christmas holidays in winter sports centers in Europe. Pyrenees in France and Spain, Alps in Austria, Switzerland, and Italy are among the most preferred destinations. Of course, we wouldn’t be lying if we say that Christmas markets are among the indispensables of December, especially the Christmas markets in Strasbourg, Munich, and Brussels are more than enough to visit these cities. However, if you are planning to travel to Europe in December, do not forget to take precautions against rain, snow and strong winds.

In Asia, December is one of the best times to visit Laos, where the precipitation is low, and the temperatures are not too high. It is also a good idea to wander around Bangladesh in December and explore its wide beaches and archaeological sites. December is one of the best times to visit locations in the Asian continent. If you avoid places that are too touristy, you can enjoy the peace in Thailand because the weather has not yet warmed up, and it will be raining less.

When we come to Africa, Cameroon experiences one of its driest periods in the month of December, the weather is mild, hot winds blow from the Sahara Desert. Likewise, the weather in Senegal is quite ideal. This month is also a good month for the Ivory Coast. If you want to enjoy the beaches in the middle of winter, Seychelles will also be the right destination, but you should not forget that tourists flock to the country during this period and prices increase.

In the Americas, Mexico, the Caribbean, Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Cuba are becoming very popular with their attractive climates. Don’t hesitate to put on your shorts and sip your tropical drink in December when the weather averages 28 °C. Another option is to go to New York to go to the New Year’s festivals.

Best Places to Visit in December / Winter



Winter in Malta can still be sunny and warm. November and December temperatures average 10° to 18°C. January is the coldest month due to northeast winds. Perfect for travel to Malta this season, both cheap and less crowded! The peak period is from Christmas to New Years (most hotels will be busy but not fully booked). Don’t miss La Valletta, its three fortified cities, Mdina Rabat, UNESCO ancient sites, the Hypogeum, Comino, and the turquoise Blue Lagoon in winter!

New York


New York City, known as New York City or NYC for short, not to be confused with the state of the same name, has been a leading city in many fields such as media, art, and commerce. This important city, which is also the center of trade and finance, is an indispensable place in terms of foreign relations, as the United Nations General Council building is located here. With a population of 18.7 million, New York is one of the most important cities in America.

Festivals are one of the important issues in New York, the city of culture and art. People of different nationalities also have different entertainments in the city, where large-scale New Year’s celebrations are held with the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop, especially in Times Square. In March and April, St. Patriarch’s Day is celebrated, the Cherry Blossom Festival is held, and the Easter Parade is held.

“End of May Celebrations” in May, New York Film Festival, Museum Mile Festival and Midsummer Night Swing party in June and July, Lincoln Center Out of Doors in August, San Gennaro Festival, Harlem Week and Greenwich Willage Halloween Parade in September and October In the last two months of the year, November and December, the year ends with the New York City Marathon, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Bath, England


The city of Bath, which is connected to Somerset, takes its name from the hot springs that made the region famous. The city, which has a great place in English culture and literary history, has an important place in all the works and personal life of the great English novelist Jane Austen. There is a museum dedicated to the author in the city. The city, which is 156 kilometers west of the capital London, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1987.

Humidity is high throughout the year and there is often precipitation throughout the year. Air temperature and condition change during the day. The coldest months are January and February, and the hottest months are July and August. The months of May, June, September and October are quite mild, but there is plenty of precipitation.

Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona, the largest city in Spain after Madrid and the capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia, owes its fame to the works of the artist Gaudi, who steered the modern art movement, which have become the identity of the city, and the interesting city settlement with a grid plan from the 1900s. Described as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Barcelona welcomes thousands of tourists every year.

In Barcelona, where the humid subtropical climate is dominant, the months between May and October are the rainiest and even the driest months. Precipitation occurs in winter and spring.

In the city, where the annual average temperature is 21 degrees during the day, the average temperature at night is 14 degrees. The sea temperature is an average of 20 degrees annually.

Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland


Lapland is in the north of Finland and the country’s largest region. It is located on the north polar circle. The Lapland region is divided between Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden. But the iconic capital of Lapland is Rovaniemi, located in Finland. Santa Claus Village is also here. As Lapland, the place where most activities can be experienced is ‘Finland-Lapland’. The arctic climate prevails in the region. Do not be afraid, although it drops to minus 40 from December to April, it does not freeze.

Nurnberg, Germany


I recommend that you start your journey from Munich. If you want, you can stay in Munich and go to Nurnberg and Salzburg by train for a day, or you can choose to stay in these 3 cities. Transportation by train is very comfortable and cheap. It is possible to reach by train almost every hour. If you want to go by car, finding a parking space can be quite a problem. Travelers from all over the world try to visit Nurnberg on these dates. When you arrive in Nurnberg by train, the historical walls of the city greet you first. You can access all kinds of information and maps from the tourism office located right here.

There are brochures, books and mobile applications about the city’s history, museums, gastronomic points. You don’t actually need anything to go to Nuremberg Christlekindlemarkt. You just have to follow people and smells. When you reach the square where there are different colors and smells, a visual intoxication awaits you. The weather is probably close to 0. My suggestion is to reach the first shack selling mulled wine and rum, take your hot drink, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, and immerse yourself in a fairy tale book among the chocolate waterfalls, gingerbread hills, stars, fairies, flying cars, and spinning merry-go-rounds.

Honolulu, Hawaii


Honolulu really does have an “America” effect at first glance. Moreover, here you encounter the old form of those high-rise buildings that you see in most cities of America 50 years ago. You notice that there is an old retro style, far from modernity, not only in tall buildings but also in residential areas.

However, it would not be right to say that Honolulu and the island of Oahu, which it is in, are a commercial and undeserved place to visit. After all, an “island” culture prevails here, even though it is dependent on America. People are smiling. The roads are of North American standard, everyone obeys the traffic rules. The island has an extraordinary nature and many places to explore.

Quebec City, Canada


In Quebec, which is 98% Francophone, you feel the French influence not only in language but also in culture and nationalism. Some slogans are used on Canadian provincial license plates. The most preferred slogan in Quebec; It is “I remember” ( JE ME SOUVIENS ) and emphasizes that Quebecers have not forgotten their history, their past. Speaking of outside Quebec anyway; Their saying “the rest of Canada” is one of the best indicators of this.

Although official correspondence is made in two languages, the language of instruction is French. Children of immigrant families coming to Quebec have to attend French school until high school. However, they can study English after high school and at university. Quebec’s rulers, culture, language, etc. Great efforts are made to keep it alive. Let me state right away; Many immigrant families from India, China, and Iran have come here. It also received many immigrants during the Bosnian War, but predominantly Indians.

There has been a conflict between Canada and Quebec throughout history, and this situation came to the fore with the referendum held in 1980 to decide whether to leave Canada or not. With 59.5% of the votes, the decision to stay in Canada was made, and the Second Referendum in 1995 was very controversial.

Independence in this referendum; It was narrowly missed with a rate of 50.6%. After 1995, although nationalism has started to decline a bit, in my opinion, this issue will continue to be on the agenda from time to time.

70% of Quebec Province is not inhabited because it is very cold. The weather in Quebec City is also very unstable and rises to +35 degrees in summer, but it is much more oppressive due to the humidity. In winter, it can go down to -35 degrees.

Reykjavík, Iceland


One of the best things about Iceland is that you can swim in outdoor pools every day of the year. Some of the pools filled by natural hot springs are filled with water close to boiling! The capital Reykjavik alone has 17 hot springs, and there are also all-natural pools in every corner of the country.

Apart from feeding the pools with hot water, the most important features are the minerals with natural healing properties. If you search the internet for the most famous of these pools, the Blue Lagoon, you will see people covered with white salt from their toenails to their hair.

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