Casa Loma Castle | Toronto | Canada

Casa Loma Castle | Toronto | Canada

Casa Loma, one of the most visited spots in Toronto, is used as a museum today, but it is also used for film, photo shoots, movie premieres and exhibitions. Although it hosts especially horror movies, it has also been one of the shooting locations for movies such as the X-Men series and Chicago. The library, garden, and wine cellar of this magnificent building are also quite beautiful.

Casa Loma Castle


Toronto soldier and businessman Sir Henry Pellatt was born in 1859. After getting a good education, he started trading and developed his business over time and became one of the important businessmen and financiers of the region. Sir Henry Pellatt, who bought the grounds on which the castle complex is located, in 1903, designed the architect E.J. Agreed with Lennox. The construction of which started in 1911 was completed in 1914 and 3.5 million USD was spent on the building. With 98 rooms and an area of 6,011 square meters, it was Canada’s largest privately owned property at the time it was built.

The very influential Sir Henry Pellatt built such a large castle to entertain his guests in the best possible way and to organize fun parties. The castle, whose interior design is also dazzling, has very stylish furniture, upholstery, carpets and sculptures. There are also secret tunnels in the castle, which was built with the understanding of Gothic awakening.

The castle, which hosted the parties and banquets of Sir Henry Pellatt, did not remain as Sir Henry’s castle for long. After the First World War, Sir Henry’s business started to deteriorate with the crisis that started to make its impact felt all over the world, and the tax on the castle was increased to a large extent. In the early 1920s the castle was sold and started to be used as a hotel. Today it is used as a museum and is one of the most beautiful places to see in Toronto.

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