Christiansborg Palace | Copenhagen | Denmark

Christiansborg Palace | Copenhagen | Denmark

Christiansborg Palace, located on a small island called Slotsholmen in Copenhagen, is one of the most magnificent palaces in the city. Christianborg Palace was built three times in history. The first one was used between 1745-1794 and was destroyed by a fire. The second palace served in the years 1806-1828, and by a bad coincidence, the thing that brought the end of this palace was a great fire. The palace, which was built for the third time in 1906-1928, is still in use.

The Danish Parliament is located in this palace. You are only allowed to visit the parliament on Sundays.

Christiansborg Palace


Another feature that makes the palace important is that the Queen welcomes her guests in this palace and organizes dinner parties here… There are 10 reception rooms in the palace, which are decorated in different ways.

The most important of these is the Great Hall, which can host 400 people. The Queen gives her dinner parties in this hall. The Throne Hall is another important reception room. The Queen is meeting with her official dignitaries here. It is possible to visit these halls of the palace, which are still in use, every day except Monday.

Part of the palace is still used by the royal family, while other parts can be visited by tourists. In the largest hall of the palace, you will see the magnificent carpets of the Queen hanging on the wall. Each of these carpets depicts Denmark’s 1000-year history.

The palace kitchen, on the other hand, is a different realm. The kitchen, which houses one of the most important copper kitchenware collections in Europe, is really worth seeing.

The palace was built on the ruins of two old castles. There is almost another world underground. The first of the castle ruins that can still be visited is the Castle of the Bishop Absolon. It is possible to see some wall remains and bricks from the castle built in 1167. The other castle is Copenhagen Castle, which existed between 1417-1731. After visiting the ruins of these two castles, you can go to the terrace on the 4th floor and enjoy the view of Copenhagen.

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