CN Tower | Toronto | Canada

CN Tower | Toronto | Canada

The CN Tower is a tall, iconic structure located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was completed in 1976 and was the tallest free-standing structure in the world at the time, measuring 553.3 meters (1,815 feet) in height. It remains the tallest free-standing structure in the Americas and is a major tourist attraction in Toronto, with more than two million visitors each year. The CN Tower is also an important communication and observation tower, with various antennas and observation decks offering views of the city and surrounding areas. The tower is open to the public, and visitors can take an elevator to the top to enjoy the view, have a meal at one of the restaurants, or participate in activities such as the “EdgeWalk,” which involves walking around the outside of the tower’s main pod.

CN Tower


The construction of the tower began in 1973. It was decided to do it because of the difficulties in the transmission of radio and television broadcasts. Its construction was completed in 1976 and cost approximately CAD 63 million. It was the tallest tower in the world for 34 years until 2010. Today, it is the third-tallest tower after Burj Khalifa and Canton Tower. It has terraces from bottom to top, respectively Glass Floor Level, Look Out Level, Sky Pod, Edgewalk. In addition, 360 Revolving Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in the city with its view and food.

The view is very pleasant on clear days, but when the weather is cloudy, the field of view is quite narrow. The entrance fee to the tower is between 30-40 Canadian dollars. It is also possible to buy tickets online, with a 15% discount. To reach the area, you must get off at Union Station by trams. You can also reach the Roger Center area by buses. For your lunch or dinner, you can choose Toronto’s tallest tower with its magnificent view.

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