Hundertwasser House | Vienna | Austria

Hundertwasser House | Vienna | Austria

The Hundertwasser House, located in Vienna, the capital of Austria, is a different structure, a product of Expressionist architecture. The Hundertwasser House is a joint work of the famous artist Freidensreich ‌Hundertwasser and the architect Joseph Krawina. It is thought that the artist took Gaudi, who attracted attention with his architectural works in the city of Barcelona, as an example in the design of this building. In the architectural field, these two show a significant similarity.

Hundertwasser House

There are 53 apartments, 4 shops and 16 private terraces within the structure. The floors of all terraces are covered with soil and a total of 250 trees have been planted on them. These ideas have added a very original atmosphere to the building.

There are people living in the apartment. For this reason, this unique structure is not a place to be visited directly. However, the whole texture of the unique architecture can be felt in the gift shop under the apartment. Visitors who take a lot of photos with this interesting and aesthetic structure can also visit Kunst ‌Haus ‌Wien, which bears the signature of the same names. To visit this monument, it will be enough to walk for 5 minutes from the Hundertwasser House.

The most striking feature of this building is that the residents are free to design their own window fronts. The building, which has a very different design, has been one of the most remarkable places in the city of Vienna for many years.

The construction period of the building, which was started in 1983, is 2 years. The factor of not starting the building from scratch was effective in the short duration of the construction. So much so that the building in question was started to be built in 1983 under the name of mass housing. Shortly after the opening of the building, a resting place was opened for tourists directly opposite the building. Tourists can eat, drink and relax in this place. This building, which goes far beyond being an ordinary building, is one of the places frequented by many tourists every year.

  • Address: Kegelgasse 37-39, Vienna 1030, Austria.
  • Nearby Places: Johann Strauss Monument, Stadpark, City Airport Train Cat, Church of the Teutonic Order, Franziskanerkirche, St. Virgil Chapel, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Graben and Kohlmarkt, Dominican Church, Postsparkasse, Anker Clock.
  • Directions: The closest metro stop to Hundertwasser House is Landstrabe Wien Mitte. From this stop, it will take 10-15 minutes on foot to reach the Hundertwasser House. The distance between the station and the house is 1 km. For those who do not prefer to walk, tram line 1 is one of the available options.

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