Kalemegdan | Belgrade | Serbia

Kalemegdan | Belgrade | Serbia

Kalemegdan, which is the most touristic area of the city, is a place that you can easily reach thanks to its close location to the city center. The Belgrade Fortress, one of the most important symbols of the city, at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, is located in this square, where there is also Kalemegdan Park, the largest park of the city.

This park, which is built on a wide plateau surrounding the castle, which was used as a military base during the war, was also used to keep the enemy under observation during the same periods. The history of Kalemegdan coincides with the history of Belgrade and is the oldest part of the city in the country. Employment of the people has been provided within the walls of Kalemegdan until quite recently.



Kalemegdan, which comes from the “Kale Meydan”, whose name is Turkish, joined the Ottoman lands by Suleiman the Magnificent in 1571 and Belgrade became an Ottoman. Located in the Old City, the castle served as a military base during the war. In the park, which is the greenest area of the city, there are tracks for walking and jogging, historical gates and sculptures. In addition, a very beautiful view of the new city can be seen from the castle.

Kalemegdan, which is also home to Kalemegdan Park, the largest park in the city, also has the Military Museum, Art Center, City Institute, Zoo, and many restaurants. It also houses many sculptures such as the monument of gratitude to France, the fisherman’s fountain, the dancers before and after the war.

You can go up to the castle and watch the view of Belgrade, take a nice walk in the park around it and buy souvenirs from here. During your visit to the park, you will see the statues of many famous names. In addition, there are military museums, art center, city institute, zoo, playground, sports field and restaurants in the park.

Sculptures and monuments such as the turnkey monument, the monument of gratitude to France, the fisherman’s fountain, the dancers before and after the war must be seen inside the castle. In addition, the magnificent view of New Belgrade can be watched from the castle. Apart from these, the Roman Well, about which scary stories are told, is among the places of interest in the castle.

  • Visiting Hours: Monday-Sunday 11.00-19.00
  • Address: Kalemegdan, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
  • Entrance Fee: Free (Separate tickets are required for the museums inside.)
  • Website: http://www.beogradskatvrdjava.co.rs/

There are many places to visit in Kalemegdan. Different ticketing is made for each. The entrance fee varies depending on whether you buy the ticket in advance or not.

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