Leopold Museum | Vienna | Austria

Leopold Museum | Vienna | Austria

The Leopold Museum, one of the museums in Vienna, the capital of Austria, is the museum where the most comprehensive collections of Austrian Modern Art are exhibited. In this sense, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the Leopold Museum is one of the centers of Austrian art.

Many works of artist Egon Schiele are exhibited in the museum. Egon Schiele, who usually produces works with erotic content, was greatly influenced by Gustav Klimt in his art. Gustav Klimt, whose works Egon Schiele was often influenced by, is also one of the artists who found a place for himself in the Leopold Museum with his works. One of Gustav Klimt’s most famous works, Death and Life, is among the unique works you can see in the Leopold Museum.

Leopold Museum

Again, works of Egon Schiele, in which he describes himself in different ways, adorn the walls of the Leopold Museum. The works exhibited in the Leopold Museum are important works of more than 5,000 collected by Elisabeth Leopold and Rudolf Leopold over a 50-year period. These works have started to be exhibited in the Leopold Museum with the contributions of the Republic of Austria and the Austrian National Bank. The Leopold Museum was opened in 2001. Most of the works exhibited in the museum belong to the first half of the 20th century.

The light colored building to the left of the Museumsquartier is the Leopold Museum. Every year, many art lovers from different parts of the world visit the museum. This museum, where the works of world-famous painters are exhibited, is among the places that are the center of attention for art lovers.

  • Visit Information: If you do not have a Vienna city card to enter the Leopold Museum, you can buy a combined ticket. In this way, you will not have to pay separate ticket fees to museums. For example, you can enter the Leopold and Mumok museums with a combined ticket of 20.50 Euros.
  • Address: Museumsplatz 1, Vienna 1070, Austria.
  • Directions: You can use the U2 and U3 subways or the 48A bus line to go to the Leopold Museum.
  • Nearby Places: Maria Theresia Denkmal, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Volksgarten, Wiener Staatsoper, 3D PicArt Museum Vienna, Imperial Crypt, State Hall of the Austrian National Library.

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