Mermaid Statue | Copenhagen | Denmark

Mermaid Statue | Copenhagen | Denmark

When you go to the Langelinje Pier area of Copenhagen, you will see a tiny mermaid sitting on one of the stones above the sea. This mermaid was made using bronze and granite in 1913 by sculptor Edvard Eriksen with the financial support of Carl Jacobsen, owner of a famous Danish beer brand. For 104 years, this little mermaid has been the center of attention of Danes and tourists from all over the world. It is said that one million tourists visit this little mermaid annually.

Mermaid Statue


You must have heard of The Little Marmaid, one of the most famous fairy tales of Danish fairy tale writer Andersen. In the fairy tale, the mermaid leaves her life under the sea to reunite with her lover, who turns out to be a prince. However, the fairy tale does not end happily. The prince chooses to marry someone else, and the little mermaid immerses herself in the waters of the sea and turns into a foam and disappears.

Jacobsen watches the ballet The Mermaid, adapted from a fairy tale by the Royal Danish Theatre, and loves this story. He wants to make a sculpture inspired by the ballerina who gives life to the mermaid. The works started in 1909 were completed in 1913 and the statue was placed in its place. Since then, it has been one of the most popular sculptures in the world.

Other copies of the Little Mermaid statue can be found in Denmark and other countries around the world. Royalties are paid to the heirs of sculptor Edvard Eriksen for each copy. His story has been the subject of many movies. The most well-known of these is the 1989 Disney Production, Oscar-winning The Little Mermaid.

Unfortunately, vandalism has not left this beautiful sculpture. Some individuals have harmed the little mermaid many times since 1913. While some cut off the head of the mermaid, others broke their arms or spilled paint on them. However, each time the Copenhagen administration restored the mermaid.

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