National Museum In Denmark | Copenhagen | Denmark

National Museum in Denmark | Copenhagen | Denmark

As long as Denmark’s history is, the Danish National Museum has an equally rich collection. Because this museum reveals the entire history of the Danes, from the Stone Age to the Vikings, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, to modern Denmark. You may even need to spare a whole day to visit this museum, which is Denmark’s largest and most important museum in the field of culture and history.

National Museum in Denmark


The building, which was built to be the Prince’s Palace in 1743, now hosts the National Museum. In the great hall of the museum, the royal family can give invitations on some special days. You can see coins, toys and works of art from ancient times in the permanent collection section of the Danish National Museum. If you want to time travel to Vikings and ancient Egyptian mummies, you’re in luck. Because this museum is a time travel machine! Some very valuable objects that have come to light from ancient times are here.

As an example, we can give The Sun Chariot. The Sun Chariot, found in 1902, is thought to have been built in the early Bronze Age, around 1400 BC, and there is no other example. A horse standing on the front wheels and a disc painted in gold as it symbolizes the sun on the rear wheels form the form of this object. The continuous movement of the sun is symbolized by the horse pulling the disc. You can see this very interesting ancient object in room 12 of the exhibition area.

There is another unique visiting point right next to the museum; A Victorian House built in 1890. It can only be visited on weekends at 11:00, 12:00 and 13:00. The house has been preserved almost unchanged as it was decorated. If you are interested in Victorian houses, do not miss this opportunity.

You are allowed to bring your food and drinks from outside when you come to the museum. You can even enjoy the food you bring in the dining room of the museum. If the weather is sunny, the museum garden will be a much better alternative. In addition, a restaurant called “Smör” is waiting for you on the first floor of the museum. Here you can taste the traditional flavors of Denmark.

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