Nikola Tesla Museum | Belgrade | Serbia

Nikola Tesla Museum | Belgrade | Serbia

In this small but interesting museum built in memory of Nikola Tesla, an important Serbian scientist who is the inventor of alternating current, you will have the chance to see Tesla’s experiments and experience his inventions. We recommend that you visit the museum by using the guidance provided by Belgrade University students to see and better understand what Tesla, who is considered a Serbian hero, did.

Nikola Tesla Museum


Established in 1952, the museum aims to display Tesla’s personal belongings. About 160,000 personal documents and 5700 personal items are exhibited in the museum, and you can find the opportunity to see Tesla’s inventions up close. In the Tesla Museum, Tesla added to our lives; You will witness the inventions of a genius far beyond his time with important items such as fluorescent lamps, neon lights, speedometer, electron microscope, microwave oven. Tesla will greet you with his statue on the first floor of this two-story building.

The museum is 15 minutes from Republic Square, the most central place of Belgrade, and is one of the must-see places in Belgrade.
Vegetarian, not related to women, and suffering from excessive fussiness, Tesla spent the last years of his life with financial difficulties. Tesla died of a heart attack in a hotel room in America in 1943 at the age of 86. All the documents of the famous genius, who was working on a weapon technology when he died, were confiscated by the USA. Today, the picture of the inventor, who has shaped today’s technology with his inventions, is over 100 Serbian Dinars.

The entrance fee of this museum, which allows you to touch Tesla’s life apart from his experiments and inventions, is 500 RSD. Guide service is included in the price.

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