Serbian National Museum | Belgrade | Serbia

Serbian National Museum | Belgrade | Serbia

The Serbian National Museum, which houses the works of important painters who grew up in Europe and Yugoslavia, is located in the Republic Square. In this museum, you will see works by Picasso, Gustav, Klimt, Van Gogh, Rubens, Kandinsky and many more important artists. In the museum, where the works of Nadezeta Petrovic, one of the first artists of Serbia, are exhibited, you will encounter both a national and a large European art collection.

Serbian National Museum


The national museum, the oldest and largest museum of the former Yugoslavia and Serbia, is located in the Republic Square in the heart of the capital city Belgrade.

Founded in 1844, the national museum contains more than 5600 paintings and more than 8400 drawings, with a total of more than 400,000 works. Among these works, there are also very important pieces such as the Miroslav Bible. The works of Nadezeta Petrovic, one of Serbia’s first female artists, also have a very nice presentation in the museum.

There is also a Fresco Gallery attached to the national museum. There is a rich content in the gallery with wall paintings and medieval sculptures. Works including Picasso and Monet are exhibited in the art gallery on the 3rd floor of the National Museum.

It exhibits the works of important artists born in the country known as Yugoslavia before disintegrating alongside artists whose names are known worldwide. The works of Nadezeta Petrovic, one of the first female artists of Serbia, are in the museum.

The National Museum of Serbia is a monumental public building in terms of its architecture, interior design and volume. It attracts the attention of visitors especially in the entrance area with its twin towers and magnificent dome.

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