St. Catherine's Monastery | Tallinn | Estonia

St. Catherine’s Monastery | Tallinn | Estonia

Located at the intersection of Müürivahe and Vene Streets in the center of Tallinn, this monastery is thought to be the oldest building in the city. Built in 1246 by the Dominican order of the Catholic faith, the monastery’s door was open to monks and anyone seeking seclusion. The monastery had its own hospital section and even a brewery.

St. Catherine’s Monastery


Lutherans, who adopted the new sect (Protestantism) created by Martin Luther, destroyed this monastery in 1524 and the monastery was not used until 1954. Today, tourists can only visit the monastery from May to the end of September between 11:00 and 17:00. As with any church, visitors can visit St. They are also expected to donate any amount they wish to the Catherine Monastery.

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