St. Lawrence Market | Toronto | Canada

St. Lawrence Market | Toronto | Canada

Located on Front East and Jarvis streets in Toronto’s Old Town, St. Lawrence Market is one of the most beautiful places to see. It is one of the most important shopping destinations in the city. It is located in a historical building, and you can find a wide variety of products in it. North, South and St. The market, which has two buildings as Lawrence Hall, was selected as the best market in the world by National Geographic in 2012. The north building was closed due to restoration work.

St. Lawrence Market


In 1803, when the population of the city increased, the need to establish a market in the city emerged. First, a market started to be established in Market Square on Jarvis Street. During the period when slavery was not yet abolished, there was also a section for slaves brought from Africa in this market. Later, different buildings were built for the market. These wooden buildings were rendered unusable by fires in 1831 and 1849. After the fire, the St. Lawrence Hall was built. In 1845, the south building was built and used as the town hall.

Exhibitions are held from time to time in the Market Gallery, located on the 2nd floor of the south part. On the first floor and the first floor, there are 120 market stands where various products such as fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, delicatessen, and dairy products are sold. In the northern part, there are shops where antiques are sold besides food.

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