Stephansplatz | Vienna | Austria

Stephansplatz | Vienna | Austria

One of the most important squares in the city center of Vienna is Stephansplatz. This square not only marks the official “ground point” of the Austrian capital city of Vienna, but also expresses the square that has a place in the hearts and histories of the people of the city, which is unforgettable and always evident. Located in a very central location in this square, the U-Bahn is a central stop, which is very advantageous for the city’s visitors and the locals in general to get anywhere.

Originally only half its current size, Stephenplatz has undergone expansion over the years. This square became a part of the city in approximately 1200, but did not become the center of the city until the opening of the U-Bahn station in 1978.


People come to Stephansplatz not only to see the square, which is considered the center of Vienna, but also to see many famous places. Chief among these is the huge gothic building, St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Other important places in the square are the Diözesanmuseum, the Cathedral Museum of the Archbishopric of Vienna, and the Kaffeemuseum Wien, which is considered the center of coffee in the city of Vienna.

Kärntnerstrasse, which is one of the most suitable places for those who want to shop in the Stephansplatz square, is one of the main shopping roads of the city. In addition, Graben is the street with the highest sales rate in the city, reaching out to the outside of the square. In Vienna, the capital of art and fashion, the destination is Kohlmarkt to reach both local and international giant brands.

For those looking for accommodation in Vienna, Stephansplatz square is a very convenient area due to its central location. For those who want to experience all the vitality of the city, there are suitable hotel facilities in this region. In this respect, Hotel am Stephansplatz is one of the most striking hotels with the unique views it offers in the city center. With its excellent location, unique view from the upper floors and modern rooms, Hotel am Stephansplatz will be one of the best choices to stay in Vienna. It should be added that the property in question has luxury accommodation services such as shower and bath in the room, good heating systems, fitness center and sauna.

Another alternative for accommodation on Stephansplatz is DO & CO Hotel, a modern 43-room hotel.

  • Address: Stephanplatz, Vienna
  • Directions: You can easily reach the street with the U3 and U1 lines of the metro.
  • Nearby Places: Mozart House, Stephansdom Cathedral, Cafe Hawelka

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