Suomenlinna Island And Castle | Helsinki | Finland

Suomenlinna Island and Castle | Helsinki | Finland

The island is one of the most touristic spots in Helsinki and one of the main attractions in the country. You can step into this cute island with a boat ride that departs from Market Square in an average of 15 minutes from Helsinki. There are several museums, bridges, and castles with submarine remains on the island.

Suomenlinna Island and Castle

Located in Suomenlinna, the castle was originally a complex spread over six islands. In the middle of the 18th century, Finland was a part of the Kingdom of Sweden and the Swedish King had such a castle complex built to protect the city against possible attacks from Russia. At the beginning of the 18th century, Russia’s St. The establishment of the city of St. Petersburg and following an expansionist policy made the Kingdom of Sweden uneasy. It was decided to build a strong fortress against the attacks from the sea.

The castle, whose construction began in 1748, was designed by the Swedish military architect Augustin Ehrensvärd. However, in the war between Russia and Sweden in 1808, the garrison of the castle could not resist and surrendered to the Russian soldiers. It is one of the structures that has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List with its remarkable feature.

There are also structures such as the Rantakasarmi building from the Russian period and the Russian church on the island. The castle complex was also used during the British occupation in 1855 and World War II, and there are also artifacts from these periods.

There are also various cafes, restaurants and shops on Suomenlinna Island. In addition, many Helsinki residents come to the island for picnics during the summer months. When you buy a daily ticket for urban transportation, you can use this ticket for transportation to the island. A one-time ticket costs 2.80 Euros and a round-trip ticket is 5 Euros.

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