Tivoli Gardens | Copenhagen | Denmark

Tivoli Gardens | Copenhagen | Denmark

The area known as Tivoli Gardens or Tivoli Amusement Park has been embraced so much that it cannot be separated from Copenhagen over the years. Moreover, unlike the most important playgrounds in the world, this playground is located in the heart of the city, not outside the city. It is known that the national storyteller Andersen and Walt Disney visited Tivoli, which was first opened in 1843.

Tivoli Gardens


The founding story of Tivoli Gardens is based on a childhood dream. Georg Carstensen spent his childhood in different cities of Europe, as his father was a diplomat. Therefore, he had the opportunity to see many other amusement parks. Carstensen, who set his mind to establish a beautiful playground for children in his own city when he was 30 in 1841, presented this project to King Christian VIII and with the approval of the king, the playground was opened to the children of Copenhagen in 1843.

Tivoli, where you will find yourself in the middle of a fairy tale, is the playground where the “roller coaster” first took place in 1914. There are 28 different types of roller coasters in the park. This is not only a playground for children to enjoy, but also adults have a good time, especially in spring and summer, in the park, which is equipped with hundreds of different plant varieties and trees. There is also an aquarium where 1600 sea creatures can be seen, a theater where pantomime shows are held, and an artificial lake.

You will also see many restaurants in Tivoli, where rock and world music concerts are also organized. Restaurants are not the simple foodies you would expect to see in playgrounds. Saying that two of the restaurants have Michelin stars will give information about the quality of the restaurants. We recommend you to go to Tivoli, where you can have fun at any time of the year, especially on Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Let’s also note that the number of visitors to the Tivoli Playground during the summer and Christmas period is close to 4 million.

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