Toompea Castle | Tallinn | Estonia

Toompea Castle | Tallinn | Estonia

Toompea Castle was built in baroque style between 1767-1773 on the right wing of the 13th century military fortress. Toompea’s history cannot be separated from Estonia’s military and political history and its rulers. Each of the rulers had Toompea renovated according to their own needs and tastes. Today, Toompea Castle is home to the Riigikogu, the Estonian Parliament.

Toompea Castle


The national flag, consisting of blue, black and white colors, flies on the 47-meter Tall Hermann Tower of Toompea Castle. Raising the national flag to the top of the tower is considered a symbol of Estonia’s independence. The plenary in Parliament can be watched by tourists, and Toompea Castle can be visited every weekday. Advance reservation is required for group visits.

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