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Trip to Adelaide | Australia Travel Guides

Planning a trip to Adelaide, Australia? Then let us be your guide. We researched what you were wondering and we explained it to you easily.

Adelaide is the capital of the Australian state of South Australia and the fifth most populous city in the country with a population of approximately 1.28 million. Adelaide ranked first in terms of cultural quality, climate, quality of life and social conditions such as health and crime rate in the world’s most livable cities survey organized by The Economist magazine in 2002 and 2004.

In the south of Australia, St. Founded on the eastern shores of Vincent’s Bay, the city stretches along the Torrens River. The city, which has an ocean-smelling air and a lot of green areas, has pleasant walking and cycling routes. Adelaide is known as one of the oldest settlements of Australian cities. Adelaide is a historical city that contains many historical and modern buildings.

Adelaide History

Let us share with you some of the things you need to know when traveling to Adelaide. Adelaide’s history goes back to ancient times. It is known that the first inhabitants of Adelaide, where the first traces of settlement were found in 1836, were Australian Aborigines. Adelaide, which was not known as a colonial region before the British established their first European settlements, became a colony after this period. It was General William Light who initiated the first mapping studies in the colonial period. Adelaide, which is almost impossible to get lost due to its orderly structure, is known as the “grid city”.

The name that successfully applied this design in the city created inside a grid was General William Light. This plan is also called Light Vision. Named after King of Britain IV. Named after William’s wife, Queen Adelaide, the city gained the distinction of being Australia’s first municipality in 1840, and was elevated to the status of a metropolitan municipality in 1919.

The north of the city, which is divided into two by the Torrens River in the east-west direction; the south is used as a residence area. Adelaide is home to three of Australia’s largest companies. These companies include Telstra, BHP Billiton and National AustraliaBank. The city has the Australian Trades Council, the Australian Trades Council and the Australian Securities Exchange. Since Adelaide has a large port, many products from nearby cities enter different countries and cities thanks to the port here.

The Facts of Adelaide

The fact that Adelaide has a large port has helped the city to develop economically. The productivity of the plains around the city, the easy access to the Murray Plains spreading to the east and southeast, and the presence of mineral deposits on the nearby hills also contributed to the growth of the city.

The fact that the city has been dealing with agriculture since history has also positively affected agricultural exports. While wheat, wool, fruit, and wine were marketed in Adelaide in the past, today, with the effect of industrialization, factories producing automobile spare parts, machinery, textiles, and chemicals have been established in the city. Today, these industrial areas are actively operated.

The city is also quite developed in terms of education. One of the most important universities in the city is the University of Adelaide. The university provides education in both social sciences and natural sciences. There are students from many countries in the city. The center of the city of Adelaide is very lively and lively.

In addition, Adelaide is home to a lot of people with the ease of transportation in the city, the highly developed café and restaurant services, parks and places to visit. The city center has a very lively and colorful structure until late at night. In addition, Adelaide stands out with its shopping centers, universities, sports centers and nightlife and is one of the places preferred by both domestic and foreign tourists.

Today, Adelaide has a rapidly growing potential. The fact that it has an increasingly large population makes the city cosmopolitan. In addition, the fact that it hosts a large student population from different countries, especially in recent years, also contributes to the city’s liveliness. Adelaide hosts thousands of tourists every year with its natural beauties, galleries, parks and historical depth.

The people of Adelaide are very hospitable and friendly. The fact that people live without fuss and smile creates an atmosphere of happiness on the streets. Therefore, you can get help from the locals without any hesitation in the city. The open-mindedness of the people and the fact that they have migrated from different regions since history supports this situation. Visitors who want to have a holiday in Adelaide will be highly motivated and rested with the peace of green. In short, Adelaide is one of the important cities where you can spend your holiday very pleasantly, where you can have fun and get a lot of historical information.

Where is Adelaide?

Adelaide is located in the Australian state of South Australia, north of the Fleurieu Peninsula.

When to Go to Adelaide


Adelaide is one of the regions where the Mediterranean climate is seen. The city, which has a warm and temperate characteristic, is cool throughout the year. In addition, there is heavy rain in certain periods in Adelaide and the weather takes on a hazy structure. In winter, there is much more rainfall than in summer. The average annual temperature in Adelaide is 16.4 degrees Celsius. The average annual precipitation is 536 millimeters.

The average highest temperature in Adelaide is 28 Celsius and the lowest is 8 Celsius. In terms of climate, the hottest month in Adelaide is January. The main reason for this difference is that the city is located in the Southern Hemisphere. Although Adelaide usually receives the most tourists during the winter months, there is still a heavy flow of tourists to the city at all times of the year.

Even in the hottest period of the year, the city does not suffocate people, on the contrary, it helps to spend pleasant days in a very warm way. We recommend you to visit the city of Adelaide in April, May, June, October, and November.

In Adelaide, the winter months, namely June and August, are quite rainy. The average temperature throughout the year can drop to around 10 degrees Celsius. Those who go for a holiday in the city, where heavy rains are not seen much, do not experience any disruption in their plans due to this rain. In Adelaide, you can see visitors from different countries throughout the year. We can state that the weather conditions will not affect you negatively in Adelaide, where the Mediterranean climate is generally seen.

Adelaide Hotels


Great Australian Bay, St. Adelaide, located in the middle of St. Vincent Beach and surrounded by greenery on all four sides, is a very pleasant city. It is also an extremely beautiful city, with art and cultural activities added to the well-planned elegant architectural details, and wonderful cafés that bring excitement to its fun and clean beaches.

The city, which is also called the “City of Churches” because of the large number of churches that you can see in many parts of the city, took its name from Adelaide, who was the queen when it was first founded. The city, which was designed with a very planned and modern lines, is among the most demanded touristic centers of the Southern Hemisphere today. Adelaide, which is among the leading cities of the country in terms of education, is also home to more than 10 universities and a young student population.

The city has a peaceful, calm and high standard of living environment, but it also surprises its guests with its vibrant nightlife. The city, where the young population is dense, is almost the entertainment center of the country with its entertaining venues. The fascinating atmosphere created by the restored historical places is extremely impressive.

Adelaide Attractions

Our recommendation to visitors planning a pleasant Adelaide trip is to stay 3-4 days in Adelaide. During this time, you can enjoy the greenery and history, as well as easily visit the city. We have listed the most important places to visit in the city for you.

Adelaide is one of the best cities to visit. Adelaide Zoo, South Australian Art Center, South Australia Museum, South Australia State Library, Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, Adelaide Botanical Garden, South Australian Parliament Building, Trinity Church, Himeji It has a garden and the Hahndorf district.

Adelaide Zoo


Adelaide Zoo is Australia’s second-oldest zoo. Close to the Torrens River, the zoo houses 1,800 different kinds of animals. Adelaide Zoo, where you can find the most important plant and animal varieties of the country, attracts the attention of both families and children. Among the animals you can see at the Zoo are pandas and pandas named Wang-Wang and Funi, which were brought from China for a certain period of time. These pandas are very popular with visitors.

Located in the middle of nature, this structure houses many animal species. This zoo, which you can visit every day of the week, is open to visitors between 09:30 and 17:00. Those wishing to visit the zoo must pay AUD 50.

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South Australian Arts Center


Located on North Terrace Boulevard, the South Australian Arts Center is one of the important 20th century buildings. Opened to the public in 1881, the gallery contains important pieces of Australian history. Coins from the past, antique pieces, telephones, paintings, sculptures, paintings, and porcelain works are among the works you can find in the gallery. You can find over 35,000 works at the South Australian Arts Center. The South Australian Art Center is the only place where you can find important Chinese porcelain in the city.

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South Australian Museum


Located in the very center of the city, the South Australian Museum is one of Adelaide’s most important museums. The museum, where you can find the important works of the city, hosts a significant number of visitors every year.

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South Australian State Library


Located on North Terrace, the State Library of South Australia is Adelaide’s first national library. Known as the State Library of South Australia, the library contains many important books, manuscripts, historical documents and maps. This library, which is a treasure for history lovers, is one of the rare addresses where you can find works written in many different languages. The library, which has a very aesthetic appearance in terms of architecture, amazes those who see it.

The library consists of many different sections. You do not need to pay any entrance fee for this library, which you will visit every weekday between 10:00 and 20:00. On weekends, you can visit the library between 10:00 and 17:00.

Tandania National Institute of Aboriginal Culture


The Tandanya National Aboriginal Culture Institute, built in 1989, is one of the places where you can get to know Aboriginal culture closely. Located in the very center of the city of Adelaide, this institute stands out as the bearer of many different cultural meanings. In this section, where different objects are exhibited in general, social activities are also held. Within the Institute, visitors can find shops selling many different objects of Aboriginal culture. Those who wish can buy souvenirs from here.

If you spare some of your time for this institute, you will have the opportunity to discover both Aboriginal culture and this place. You can visit this place between 10:00-17:00 between Mondays and Saturdays. You do not need to pay any fee for entry.

Adelaide Botanical Garden


Adelaide Botanical Garden, one of the most beautiful resting areas of Adelaide, is the most beautiful address of peace. This botanical garden is managed by the municipality. Adelaide Botanical Garden, located in the center of the city, is an ideal address for those who want to relieve the tiredness of the day, read a book in the calm, or want to sit and listen to the silence. The garden is located on approximately 20 hectares of land. Adelaide Botanical Garden is one of the places visited by many tourists every year.

Established in 1877, the garden is quite crowded, especially in the summer months when the weather is nice. In the garden with colorful flowers, the views of the lake and forest area attract attention. Especially nature lovers can discover quite different plant species in the Botanical Garden. The garden is open to visitors every day between 07:00 and 21:00.

South Australian Parliament Building


The South Australian Parliament Building, built in 1874, is known as one of the most important political venues of the period. Designed by Edmund Wright and Llyold Taylor, the building is among the best. The roof of the building, which was built in the Corinthian style, is enriched with magnificent stone carvings. The South Australian Parliament Building, which is among the most magnificent and beautiful structures of the city, attracts the attention of tourists. Guided tours of the South Australian Parliament House are also available today.

Located in the North Terrace area, the building is free to enter. Those who want to participate in guided tours have to pay extra money. Various city events are held in the South Australian Parliament Building from time to time. You can visit the building every day of the week.

Trinity Church


One of the oldest churches in Adelaide, the Trinity Church attracts a lot of attention from tourists. Built in 1836, the church is among the city’s most famous places of worship. Located on North Terrace Avenue, the church is also known as the Holy Trinity Church. The Trinity Church, the first Anglican church of the city, has survived to the present day by being renovated as it was getting old over time.

This historical building, which is among the oldest churches in Australia, is open to visitors every day of the week. The church will be very crowded as there is a mass on Sundays. We recommend that you stop by the Church, especially if you go during the Christmas period. Musical performances are also held in the church on certain days. You can visit the church from 09:30 to 19:00.

Adelaide Himeji Garden


Adelaide, which has the most important gardens of Australia with its natural beauties, has many recreational areas visited by both local people and foreign tourists. One of Adelaide’s most important gardens is Himeji Garden. The area, where pleasant walks are made, is especially popular with families. Himeji Garden also hosts important festivals of the city every year. There is also a lake in the garden, which attracts attention with its historical fountains and clear water.

Located on South Terrace & Glen Osmond road, the garden opens its doors to visitors every day between 10:00 and 17:30. If you organize your trip according to these hours, you can find the opportunity to enjoy Himeji Garden more. Entry to the area is free.

Hahndorf Adelaide


Famous for its greenery and nature, Adelaide attracts the attention of both local and foreign tourists. Hahndorf in Adelaide, which offers the opportunity to capture quite different frames for photography lovers, is one of the most important touristic places of the city. Founded by German immigrants in 1838, this village is 27 kilometers from the city center. There are very authentic buildings in the village, which is an ideal place for those who want to breathe clean mountain air. Although the village is built with a modern structure today, this construction was carried out by trying to preserve its historical structure.

Near the village, which is located in greenery, there are cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops. Those who wish can sit in these cafes and taste the famous German beers and enjoy nature to the fullest. We recommend that you visit this village, which you can reach in half an hour from Adelaide.

Adelaide City Transportation


When you travel to Adelaide, you should also know how to get there. Adelaide city center is a very comfortable place to visit. You can get information forms about the city center free of charge from the tourist information section. Adelaide serves visitors with different public transportation vehicles. Generally, buses, taxis, trams and trains are used in the city. Those who wish can also visit the places to visit on foot.

Adelaide is one of the cities with a highly developed bus system. Many of the tourists plan their trips by choosing this option. There are many bus lines in Adelaide. Departure times vary depending on your destination. You can get your tickets for public transport from vending machines. The ticket fares for the bus are set at 5.20 AUD for single use, and 9.90 AUD for all-day tickets. Those who want to buy a 3-day ticket must pay 25 AUD. Visitors who want to come to the city center from the airport can use the J1-J2 bus line. You can often find the bus that leaves every 15-20 minutes. The fee you will pay for this is AUD 5.20.

The train option is another form of public transport in Adelaide. Those who will use the train option can travel to 12 different parts of the city.

Adelaide Cuisine


Your trip to Adelaide continues, if you can’t decide what to eat, then it’s time to talk about what to eat in Adelaide. Adelaide, where you can eat the most delicious dishes of Australia, also stands out with its rich food culture. There is a wide variety of seafood restaurants and steakhouses to dine during your trip to Adelaide. Adelaide cuisine has a cuisine that appeals to every food culture. Therefore, in Adelaide you can find many restaurants for all tastes.

Those who enjoy Indian cuisine can find multiple restaurants in the city centre. The most famous of these is Jasmin Restaurant. You can find more than one exotic and interesting food in this restaurant. In addition, you are likely to find meat restaurants as the barbecue culture is quite common in the city. The most used type of meat in Adelaide is beef. Definitely recommend trying the Adelaide steak and roast here. In addition, kangaroo meat, which is one of the symbols of the country, is also widely used in meals. For those who haven’t tried kangaroo meat before, this can be quite a different experience.

However, our first advice to those who ask whether they can be eaten with Adelaide would be to try the seafood. Sea bass, sea bass, floater, haddock and barramundi, an Australian fish, are among the delicacies that should definitely be tried. Besides, you should definitely try the pea soup here.

Shopping in Adelaide

Wouldn’t you like to beautify your Adelaide trip with shopping? Adelaide’s city center has over 100 shopping venues, both modern and traditional. Shopping centers, small souvenir shops, boutique shops are among them. The most popular product of the city is undoubtedly the products with kangaroo patterns or figures. While strolling the streets of Adelaide, you can find small items with a kangaroo pattern in the many shops. In addition, figures such as koala and Tasmanian devil are also patterns that you can often come across on souvenirs.

The city’s most famous shopping venue is Adelaide Central Plaza. You can find many products such as clothes, shoes, accessories in this mall. Those who want to buy products at affordable prices can visit Adelaide Central Plaza. Those who want to look at more affordable products can visit the Harbor Town Adelaide complex. The Harbor Town Adelaide complex, which offers a wide range of products especially for fashion lovers, attracts the attention of tourists with its numerous shops and restaurants.

Those who want to see the vegetable and fruit market should definitely stop by the Central Market. If you want to buy fresh products at affordable prices, you should definitely visit this market. In addition to food products, you can also find shops selling coffee in the market. The market is located in a very historical building. In addition to fruits, vegetables and coffee, you can find very nice souvenirs in this market. Visitors who enjoy vegetarian products can visit the Market Shed.

The streets of Adelaide are a place where you can both shop and catch colorful images. On certain days, you can find second-hand markets in the city. You can find clothing, accessories, souvenirs, CDs and books in these popular markets. If you have time, you should definitely visit the markets selling these local products. While walking the streets of Adelaide, the places we recommend you to stop by are Unique Opal Mine Pty Ltd, Adelaide Central Market, Haigh’s Chocolates Visitor Centre, Adelaide Arcade, Adelaide Farmers’ Market and The Market Shed on Holland.

Nightlife in Adelaide


Nightlife in Adelaide is highly developed. Although the city has a quiet and calm rhythm, nightlife is quite developed. Maybe we can state that the city maintains its balance in this way. Especially the high student population in the city is one of the most important reasons affecting this situation. Adelaide has many bars, nightclubs, dance clubs and pubs. Adelaide is one of the most important centers of Australia with its nightlife. Rundle Street is the area where nightclubs are most common in Adelaide. Traditional pubs, bars and nightclubs are generally concentrated in the Rundle area. In addition, gay bars are another entertainment venue concentrated in this region. Adelaide is one of the cities that allows the development of all kinds of entertainment venues with its colorful structure.

Adelaide is quite famous for its wines. The city offers you more than one different wine option. You can find ales in most nightclubs, bars and pubs. Among the most famous wines to try in the city are Riesling, Semillion, Chardonnay, Cabarnet, Shriaz, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon. You can try both red and white wines in the city with peace of mind. The lights of the city continue until the early hours of the morning. Adelaide is a very suitable address for those looking for a pleasant entertainment life. The entertainment venues in the city are quite authentic. The old buildings are restored and used as entertainment venues, adding a different atmosphere to the city.

Among the most popular places to go in Adelaide; Maybe Mae Bar, HENNESSY Rooftop Bar, Black Bull Bar, Bank Street Social Club, The Lion Hotel Bar,The Playford Lounge Bar, Collins at the Hilton Bar, The Wheatsheaf Hotel Bar, Nook Nosh Bar, Chihuahua Bar, Mary Poppin Nightclub, Alfred’s There is a bar, The Gilbert Street Hotel, Baddog Bar, Gaslight Tavern, Chandelier Bar, London Tavern, Cambridge Balcony Bar. These are the bars that the tourists in the city usually flock to. In addition, being close to the center is the reason why it is preferred. We must say that the beach area in the city of Adelaide is also very active in terms of entertainment.

Gay bars are also quite common in Adelaide. These bars are located in the Gouger area. These venues have a large target audience in the city. The most popular of these bars include Oz Nightclub, Feast Festival ANZ Hub, and Mary’s Poppin. Gay bars are one of the important places where very colorful images are staged. In addition, visitors can attend the comedy shows and karaoke nights held in these bars.

Adelaide is a very safe city. So you can have fun until late at night and easily find a taxi to go to your hotel. Entertainment in Adelaide can be expensive compared to other European countries. Adelaide hosts quite a lot of tourists from both Europe and America. Those who want to experience unforgettable moments and meet different cultures and people in this city where entertainment reaches its peak, should definitely join the nightlife of Adelaide. When you travel to Adelaide, do not leave without tasting the nightlife!

Adelaide Currency

Adelaide uses the Australian dollar (AUD) as its currency.

Official Language of Adelaide

What languages do you need to know when traveling to Adelaide? English is used as the official language in Adelaide.

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