Trip To Bandar Series Begawan | Brunei Travel Guide

Trip To Bandar Series Begawan | Brunei Travel Guide

Bandar Series Begawan is the capital of Brunei Sultanate and the most important finance, economy and cultural center of the country. It is also known as BSB. In Bandar Series Begawan, as in the country, income distribution is very unstable.

When Is Bandar Series Begawan To Go?

Bandar Series, where the temperatures are at the level of 24-32 degrees all year round, is the most suitable period for traveling to Begawan, the least rainfall is March.

Bandar Series Begawan Important Places / Places To Visit

  • The Sultan’s Presidential Palace (Istana Nurul Iman) -It Is Forbidden To Enter Here And Take Pictures In Front Of The Door.


  • Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque,


  • Tomb of Sharif Ali – 3rd Sultan Of Brunei,


  • Sultan Bolkah Tomb (Tomb Of Sultan Bolkah – 5th Sultan Of Brunei),


  • Kampong Ayer Region (A Town Consisting Of Houses Built On Water)


  • Malay Technology Museum,


  • Brunei History Center, Brunei Museum And Islamic Arts Gallery Are Among The Places To See.


Bandar Series Begawan Food / Restaurant / What To Eat What To Drink?


Bruneils love to eat outside, so you can come across many restaurants. The excess of the foreign population in the city has also made diversity in restaurants. You can go to Aminah Arif restaurant to taste “Ambuyat”, a meal specific to the island of Borneo. You can have your dinner on the terrace of the RMS PortView Restaurant, which is located opposite the pedestrian shopping center. You can enjoy the local atmosphere in Open Air Restaurants in Gerai Makan area. PGS Cafe usually offers set menus.

The coffee shops they call Credit Kopi are very popular among the people. The name of some of the fast food chains has changed in Babdar Series Begawan. For example, “Pizza Hut” is referred to as “Pondok Pizza”.

Bandar Series Begawan Shopping / What To Buy?

“The Mall” in the Gadong area and the “pedestrian shopping center” in the central region are the heads. These centers are also the socialization areas of the people.

Bandar Series Begawan Nightlife / Bar / Entertainment

Brunei nightlife has not developed much. It is forbidden to consume alcohol in public areas in Brunei. Alcohol sale within the country is also prohibited. Only non -Muslim visitors are allowed to buy drinks and 12 boxes of beer with a 48 hours of Duty Frees in Malaysia, 2 liters of wine or similar alcohol. Many luxury restaurants allow you to take your own drink to the restaurant. Also, especially in Chinese restaurants, alcoholic beverages are served under the name of “Special Tea”.

Tagz Lounge in Sheraton Utama Hotel is one of the places where you can take your own drink. In theory, they only make this practice to non -Muslim tourists. Since it is too crowded, you may have to wait at the entrance.

Bandar Series Begawan Festival / Fair

All kinds of holidays belonging to the Islamic religion are celebrated in the festival mood.

Bandar Series Begawan Climate / Weather

The tropical climate prevails. The weather is hot and moist. The annual temperature average is between 24 -32 degrees. Temperatures do not change much throughout the year. It takes rainfall in almost all months. Bandar Series Begawan is the least rainfall period in March. Even in March, the lowest air temperature is 24 and the highest 32 degrees, it was rainy on average 11 days. The most rainfall period is the period between September and January.

What To Do Bandar Series Begawan?

You cannot see the colorful architecture you see in Southeast Asian countries in Bandar Series Begawan. Here, the structures are simpler and often in box -shaped. You can go to Kampong Ayer Region by sea taxis. In this area you can see hundreds of houses built on water. While visiting this place, you can get to know the traditional life in Bandar Series Begawan. People are usually friendly and hospitable. They may want to invite you to their homes and offer coffee.

You can easily find sea taxis while walking by the river. You must negotiate before riding. From here you can ride a sea taxi and walk around for 1 hour between the houses on the water in the river.



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