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If you are thinking of traveling to Chisinau, Moldova, you are in the right place. Chisinau, one of the greenest cities in Europe, is located on the banks of the Bic River, a tributary of the Dnieper River. We can call it the land of parks and lakes. Even though Moldovans make up 80% of the city’s population; There are substantial numbers of Ukrainian, Russian, Bulgarian and German minorities.

The name of the city is written as “Chisinau” in English. Chisinau is a city famous for its wine cellars. So much so that most of these wines are made with grapes harvested from hanging gardens that rise all over the city. It is said that the wines here are the best in the world after France.

Although the city roads seem very neglected with its large Soviet-type residences and outdated buildings, when combined with its green nature, it adds a very mystical atmosphere to this city.

Where Is Chisinau?

Chisinau is a city in the center of Moldova, one of the Eastern European countries, established on both sides of the Bic River, a tributary of the Dnieper.

When To Go To Chisinau?

Chisinau is a city that is hot in summer and slightly cold in winter. The hottest times are between May and August, while the coldest times are between November and March. Therefore, the best times are summer months. The average temperature of the city in summer is approximately 18 degrees.

Best Places To Visit In Chisinau

Chisinau generally consists of two parts in terms of places to visit. These are architectural structures such as parks and cathedrals. When you visit the parks and these architectures located all over the city, you will kind of circumambulate Chisinau. Especially the hanging gardens and wine cellars in the city attract a lot of attention.

Stefan Cel Mare Park And Monument


III. It consists of a park and monument named in memory of Stephen. Located in the center of Chisinau, this pact was made in 1818 and spread over an area of 7 hectares. The old name of the park is Pushkin and a granite bust of him is also in the park. Stefan Cel Mare park also contains about 50 species of old trees, namely acacia, linden and mulberry. You can visit this park, which is the main recreational area of the city and has a historical background, at any time of the day.

Address: Bulevardul Ștefan cel Mare şi Sfint, Chişinau, Moldova

Water Tower


Located on Banulescu-Bodoni Street and designed and built by Alexander Bernardazzi in 1892, this water tower now serves as a museum. This museum showcases the history of the city from downstairs to the top floor. The water tower has been the main water distribution center of the city in the past. After it ceased to be used, its wooden structure collapsed during the earthquake. So it was rebuilt between 1980 and 1983. Even in this state, it is one of the most touristic places in Chisinau, one of the must-see places.

Address: Water Tower, Strada Alexei Mateevici, Chişinau, Moldova

Ethnography And Natural History Museum


The Ethnography and Natural History Museum, which is the oldest museum in Moldova besides Chisinau, was founded in 1889 by Baron Stuart. The museum consists of two parts. In the first part, the flora of Moldova is exhibited. It shows how the plants grown in the country’s soil and their diversity have progressed and changed from past to present.

In the second part, the cultures of the people living on these lands are shown and the goods, clothes and tools used by these people are exhibited. Traditional clothing and wife items attract a lot of attention. The museum also has a 100-year-old botanical garden. A dinosaur skeleton is also exhibited in this garden.

Address: Strada Mihail Kogalniceanu 82, Chişinau, Moldova

Nativity Cathedral


This Russian Orthodox church cathedral is one of the most beautiful architectures in Chisinau. The cathedral, whose architect was Melkinov, has a neo-classical architecture. The cathedral, which was built by the kingdom in 1830, was badly damaged in the Second World War and the bell tower was destroyed.

The building, which was completely destroyed by the communists in 1962, was restored in 1997 and regained its present appearance. Worship was banned in the cathedral when it was destroyed in 1962, and instead it was turned into an exhibition centre. Nativity Cathedral is one of the must-see places in Chisinau.

Address: Piața Marii Adunari Naționale 12, Chișinau, Moldova

Pushkin Museum


The Pushkin Museum is a small cottage filled with original furniture and personal belongings of Russia’s national poet Alexander Pushkin, including his writing desk and a portrait of Byron. Here, between 1820 and 1823, he lived his period in exile. It is said that he wrote the novel “Prisoner of the Caucasus” here. This summer house of Pushkin was first converted into a museum in 1948 and restored in 1982. All items used by Pushkin in the museum are arranged in a meaningful way. We recommend those who love Russian literature to visit this house.

Address: Str Anton Pann 19, Chisinau, Moldova

Holly Gates


The Holy Gates monument was built in the 19th century by I. Zaushkevich. The monument consists of four obelisks made of white colored stones. According to the story, it was built just to make a bell by pouring the cannons left here by the Ottomans. There are sixteen columns next to these obelisks. The mechanism of this bell and clock is placed on the stone arches on the ceiling. There is also an inscription on the building stating that the Soviets liberated the city from the invaders. We can say that the Holy Gates is a place you must see if you have more time.

Address: Ciuflea St. 1 | Corner With 31st August Str. 1989, Chisinau MD 2001, Moldova

Transportation In Chisinau

You can use trolleybus, bus, minibus and taxis to provide transportation in Chisinau. Among these transportation vehicles, trolleybuses are the cheapest and have the widest transportation network. There are 22 trolleybus lines in total in the city. Besides these vehicles, you can also use buses. You can reach places where trolleybuses and buses do not go, such as the suburbs, by minibuses.

Finally, you can prefer taxis. However, if you are going to use taxis as a means of transportation, you need to be careful. Taxis, which are already expensive, become even more expensive when they realize that you are a tourist. That’s why it’s good to have an agreement before boarding.

​Transportation from the Airport to the City Center

Chisinau International Airport is located 13 kilometers from the city center. The easiest way to reach the city center from the airport is by taxi. These taxis have fiz tariffs up to the city center. It usually ranges from 80 to 120 Lei. However, you should definitely bargain before boarding. When it is understood that you are a foreigner, they can usually demand very high numbers. You can reach the taxis, which you can also reach from the airport gate, using one of the following numbers.

Chisinau Cuisine

Since Moldova is at the crossing point of many cultures and has been under the sovereignty of many nations in its history, it has been influenced by different cultures. This situation has also affected the culinary culture of the country. The most famous product of Moldovan cuisine is undoubtedly the grape. But this is not for food, but for wine production, of course. It is possible to see these grape vines even in the four corners of Chisinau. The city is world-famous for producing the highest quality wine after France. If you come to Chisinau, you should definitely taste the local wines.

Small animal husbandry, fruit and vegetable production has an important place in the country. That’s why fruits, vegetables, chicken and mutton are widely used in Chisinau cuisine. Various dishes can be prepared with these products. Among his favorite dishes; Examples are polenta made from cornmeal, salted fish and feta cheese, cirnetei made from beef and pork, costita, mushka, and ciorba made from mutton. In addition, in Moldovan cuisine, fruit is added to meat dishes. The most added fruits are usually quince, apricots and grapes. In addition, potatoes are used in many dishes. Since pork is consumed a lot in the country, it is useful to ask whether it is halal before ordering.

Popular Locations

  • Carpe Diem Wine Shop & Bar
  • Fusion Restaurant Jeraffe
  • Smokehouse
  • Grill House

Tip – The tradition of tipping in Chisinau is common in most places. Depending on the amount you will pay, you may be expected to leave a small tip.

Shopping In Chisinau

If you are thinking of shopping in Chisinau, you can think about souvenirs and food. In Chisinau, tourists are usually interested in “wine” and souvenir products from the Soviet era. Especially leaving here without a bottle of wine (if you drink alcohol) can be a huge mistake. Because Chisinau is one of the cities where the world’s best wines are produced.

In addition, you can often come across objects from the Soviet period in various souvenir shops. You can also buy something you like from these products, for example a “matryoshka”. If you want to make your shopping cheap and have plenty of variety, the best address is the city’s open market, Souvenir Bazaar. Here you can find many different products.

While shopping in Chisinau, you should try not to show that you are a tourist if possible. Because being a tourist can be a valid reason for you to be ripped off, according to most sellers.

Chisinau Nightlife

Chisinau is a lively city in terms of nightlife. Clubs, bars, cafes and pubs are the main venues of the city’s entertainment life. For those who are curious about Moldova’s nightlife, it is useful to make a few warnings at first. Since the country is very poor, there is usually a lot of ripping off tourists. It’s like a tradition. That’s why it’s in your best interest to ask the prices first when shopping with people or sitting down and having a drink. If it turns out that you are a tourist, Chisinau may not be a cheap city for you. You should pay attention to this.

The city’s entertainment life is concentrated in the city center and around the Stefan Cel Mare district. You can easily enter many bars here. Drinks are usually priced high. So if you have little money, it may be better to choose a cafe. Chisinau’s nightlife will not only entertain you but also require attention.

Popular Locations

  • Eli-Peli Vocal Room
  • Deja Vu
  • Bar Le France
  • King Kong Disco Bar And Cafe
  • Theme Bar

Chisinau Festivals

  • National Wine Festival (October)
  • Chisinau Film Festival (May)

Chisinau Public Holidays

  • January 1: New Year
  • January 7: Orthodox Christmas
  • March 8, International Women’s Day
  • In March/April: Orthodox Easter
  • May 1: Labor Day
  • May 9: Victory Day
  • 27 August: National Holiday
  • 31 August: National Language Day

Chisinau Useful Information

  • Ambulance: 903
  • Police: 902
  • Fire Brigade: 901


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