Trip To Dubai | Dubai Travel Guide | Hotels, Food, Drinks

Trip to Dubai | UAE Travel Guides | Hotels, Food, Drinks

If you are thinking of traveling to Dubai, UAE, you are in the right place. Dubai is the most flamboyant, most populated, safest and also the most expensive city in the United Arab Emirates, which consists of 7 emirates. While it was a quiet port city at the beginning of the 20th century, it quickly became rich when oil began to be extracted in the region. The sheikhs of the period wanted the development to be continuous by investing in something before the oil resources were exhausted, and they chose the construction and tourism sectors for this.

There are many things unique to Dubai

Let us share with you some of the things you need to know when traveling to Dubai. Many Dubai landmarks such as the first 7-star hotel (Burj Al Arab), the largest shopping mall (Dubai Mall), the tallest building (Burj Khalifa), and the palm-shaped artificial island (Palm Jumeirah), indoor ski slope (Ski Dubai) This is how attractions such as

As a result of the investments made and the strategies created to maintain the foreign currency inflow to the country, Dubai; The city, which has become the financial, trade, shopping, entertainment and tourism center of the Middle East and has a resident population of around 2 million, is expected to host an average of 15 million tourists in 2015.

Dubai’s Governance

Dubai’s form of government is parliamentary monarchy. Each of the 7 emirates has rulers and sheikhs, and the sheikh of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is also the head of the country (Dubai’s sheikh is the prime minister, who is a subordinate of him). Each emirate is in the hands of a family, and the sheikdom is passed from father to son. There is also a federal government and decisions concerning all emirates are taken in this joint assembly.

Life in Dubai


Don’t be intimidated by the fact that Dubai is an Arab city and governed by sharia (especially for women). Maybe because they take part in tourism when the requirements of Islam and tourism conflict, women can dress however they want, and you should not worry about swimming in a bikini, drinking alcohol and dancing in a nightclub; You can do it all easily in Dubai. In fact, as a general rule, we can say that “no one should interfere with anyone else” has been adopted; They walk around in their local clothes, with their sheets and shorts, and no one bothers the other.

There are many accommodation options in Dubai city. The best of them

  • Near Metro – Lovely Modern 1 Bedroom in JLT,
  • Luxury 3 plus 1-bedroom Apartment in Dubai Creek Harbor – HBR,
  • KeyHost – Studio One Dubai Marina – K1560.

If you want to stay close to the city center, you can choose hotels such as JA Palm Tree Court (JA The Resort), JA Beach Hotel (JA The Resort), JA Lake View Hotel (JA The Resort), or if you want more economical alternatives, Hostel Youth, Deira Partition You can try room, Ibis Al Rigga, Ibis World Trade Center. Also,‘s Dubai searches occasionally find good discount deals on hotels. You can also follow them at this link.

The official language is Arabic, but English is widely used due to the large number of foreigners living in the city. So you will not have a problem with the language.

In accordance with Islamic rules, the weekend holiday is considered Friday – Saturday. Sunday is a working day. When we are from Turkey in summer time, it is one hour ahead and in winter time it is two hours ahead. Sockets are generally three-input like UK sockets, if you have a converter, take it with you. Otherwise, you can borrow or buy from where you left off.

Burj Khalifa burj-khalifa

Burj Khalifa or Burj Khalifa, which is at the top of the list of places to visit in Dubai and holds the distinction of being the tallest building in the world, is 828 meters long and 161 floors. Burj Khalifa is so high that other skyscrapers next to it are like slums. Such a height offers wonderful views to the visitors of the building.

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Dubai Fountain


The fountain system, which has the world’s largest choreography, is located right in the heart of Dubai. If you want to witness the magnificent music and light plays, make sure to go to the Dubai Fountain and be prepared to be enchanted by Dubai once again. The artistic fountain is located in Central Dubai, on Lake Burj Khalifa, between Dubai Mall, Souk Al Bahar and Burj Khalifa. Dubai Fountain consists of 275 meters long curved fountains that mix with 5 circular fountains with small slopes. When the show starts, these powerful fountains dance to music with 50 color projectors, 6,000 powerful lights and lasers, reaching up to 150 meters.

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Famous Palm Island


It has a coast to the Persian Gulf and many centers such as Palm Jumeirah (Palm Island), luxury hotels, beaches are gathered on this coast. The ‘sea’ mentioned by those who say they went to the sea in Dubai is the Persian Gulf, so :) The name of the estuary passing through the city is Dubai Creek (Dubai Bay).

On the map, you will also see small and large islets close to the Palm Island. This artificial island community is called The World Islands or World Dubai. Each of the islands in this 300-island community, shaped like a globe, was selling for millions of dollars.

Currency in Dubai: AED (Arab Emirates Dirham) is used as currency,

The international dialing code: +971.

They pegged their currency to the dollar and have a constant exchange rate of 1 USD = 3.67 AED. So it might make sense to go with dollars. You can change your money at the closest exchange office to 3.67, which is the value that should be. When you return, don’t forget to convert your remaining coins back into dollars.

When to Go to Dubai – How Long to Stay?

If you are thinking of going shopping, you can travel during Dubai Shopping Fest. This festival is expected to run from January 1 to February 1 for 2016 (check again).

Avoid going during the summer months when the average temperature rises above 35 degrees Celsius, as Dubai has a hot desert climate. With high humidity, the temperature felt is much more, and you feel like you are sitting in a hot oven all day. April – May to open the sea-sun season early or September – October to close summer a little later can be ideal.

Regardless of when you go, don’t forget to bring long-sleeved clothes, as evenings can be chilly and air conditioners work very hard indoors.

I think the ideal for Dubai is to allocate 4 days. If you visit the city in three days and then go to Abu Dhabi for a day, you can complete most of the things to do. Of course, those who like to spend time on the beaches, entertainment areas and shopping centers or those who say they want to take a tour can plan a longer trip.

Shopping in Dubai


Wouldn’t you like to beautify your Dubai trip with shopping? Known as a shopping paradise, Dubai is still a paradise in terms of the size of its malls and the variety of brands inside.

We will talk about the world’s largest shopping mall, Dubai Mall, and the Mall of the Emirates, which surprises with its ski slope.

Try checking the floor plans and heading to the stores that interest you; because the shopping malls are too big to be called just wandering around. Even if you don’t like shopping, you should go to these two shopping malls for touristic purposes.

Ibn Battuta Mall at the Ibn Battuta stop, which is the metro stop you need to get off to go to Abu Dhabi, is a shopping mall that can be visited with its architecture inspired by the six regions discovered by the Arab traveler Ibn Battuta. You can try to match it on your return from Abu Dhabi trip, or if you want to stay longer, you can stop by separately.

Wafi Mall, inspired by the Egyptian Pyramids, which will draw your attention with its triangular building, can be another alternative. You can get off at Dubai Healthcare City stop on the green line of the metro and then take a short taxi ride. If you go, don’t forget to watch the light and sound show at 21:30.

Apart from shopping malls, you can find everything you are looking for in Dubai’s bazaars. I mentioned Madinat Jumeirah, Souk Al Bahar, Gold Souk, Spice Souk and Textile Souk in my article. While shopping malls are open every day from 10:00 to 22:00 (some days until midnight), such bazaars can be closed until noon or completely on Fridays. So try not to coincide with a visit to the bazaar on a Friday.

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