Trip To Hong Kong | China Travel Guide

Trip To Hong Kong | China Travel Guide

If you are thinking of traveling to Hong Kong, China, you are in the right place. Hong Kong, one of the richest and most picturesque in Asia, is located on the south coast of the People’s Republic of China. The titular word Hong Kong means beautifying port. Hong Kong, which was under the British colony for about 150 years, became an autonomous region of the People’s Republic of China as of July 1, 1997. Due to its cultural diversity, Hong Kong is considered as the “World City of Asia”.

With a population of more than 7 million, Hong Kong is among the most populated cities in Asia. A large part of the population is composed of Chinese, while the remaining part consists of Pakistanis, India and Nepalis. Most of the people are Buddhists. Besides, among the widely believed religions are Confucianists, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Christians and Taoists.

Many people who belong to these beliefs gather in certain parts of the city center on Sunday holidays to spend time with each other and chat with each other, supported by various activities. In this way, it is aimed to protect cultural integrity.

As a result of archaeological studies, it is known that the first people came to Hong Kong about 30,000 years ago and used this place as a settlement. The Chinese military forces, besieging the region in the Sino-British War of 1841, captured the region with the Treaty of Nanking in 1842 and declared the Victoria region the capital of Hong Kong. Victoria Peak, the highest point in Hong Kong, has a height of 551 meters.

Hong Kong, which is also an island, consists of about 235 small islands. Hong Kong, which was a small coastal town in the 16th century, has become an important commercial center with its developing maritime activities in the following periods. In the city, which is the largest port in Asia and where activities such as trade and industry play an important role, tourism also has a very lively structure.

Hong Kong developed its industry considerably after the Second World War. Heavy industry, textile and light industry products are among the developing sectors. Besides, agriculture in the city is quite developed. Fruit and vegetables are planted in agricultural areas.

Since Hong Kong is an autonomous region of the People’s Republic of China, Chinese is spoken extensively in the city. In addition, the most common language used in the city, which was a part of Great Britain until 1997, is English. The most common dialect used in the city, which has many different Chinese dialects, is Cantonese.

Hong Kong, one of the most important financial centers of East Asia, is a city that contributes to the flow of money with its local and international banks. In addition, being one of the most important import-export ports of the People’s Republic of China, it serves many countries of the world. It should also be noted that although Hong Kong is part of China, it is independent of the People’s Republic of China with its own currency, laws, border controls and security methods.

In addition, Hong Kong is normally a member of international organizations such as WTO, APEC, IOC, to which sovereign states can become members.

Due to its political and legal independence, the city has a more democratic structure as it is exempt from the political sphere of the country to which it is affiliated. In addition, since it has been under the dominance of Great Britain for many years, both Chinese and British culture can be seen intensely in the city. Hong Kong is more than just a port city. In addition to the crowded structure of the city, the lively and lively structure of Hong Kong streets attracts the attention of tourists.

With its cloudy mountains and rocky islands, Hong Kong is one of the cities where you can catch a dense rural landscape despite having a dense population. Therefore, those who will visit Hong Kong will discover not only Hong Kong’s urbanized structure, but also a different Hong Kong with its wild nature. This city, which is called the pearl of the East, amazes those who see it.

Hong Kong, which is one of the favorite spots of many tourists, is among the most preferred touristic places with its high skyscrapers, modern architecture, cultural diversity and being cleaner than other Chinese cities. Every year, Hong Kong hosts tourists from many different parts of the world, especially in North America, South America, Europe and Japan.

Where is Hong Kong?


Let us share with you some of the things you need to know when traveling to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a region located on the south coast of the People’s Republic of China, on the coast of the North China Sea. This region, which is called the pearl of Asia, is located about 30 kilometers from the Chinese border.

When To Go To Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a region with a tropical monsoon climate. In the city, where monsoon rains are effective, the months of May and September are quite rainy. The annual average temperature in the region is around 23 degrees Celsius. It is possible to enjoy a holiday to the fullest in Hong Kong, where there are no harsh winters. We advise you to pay attention to the periods when monsoon rains are heavy when planning your holiday.

The average highest temperature in Hong Kong is 28 Celsius and the lowest is 16 Celsius. In the spring and autumn periods, since the air temperature is around 18-25 degrees Celsius, you can have a pleasant holiday without being overwhelmed by too much heat. These intermediate periods are quite suitable for visiting the region. We should also mention that it is beneficial to go to Hong Kong prepared, as the evening hours are cooler than the daytime.

The ideal period for those who want to go to Hong Kong is October and December. But if they are going to visit Hong Kong for various festivals and events on different dates, they can experience the experience of discovering a different Hong Kong in a separate period. In the summer months, there is a decline in the tourism sector due to severe flood events in Hong Kong.

It is possible to define the winter months of Hong Kong as the months of October and November in Turkey. Although the air temperature is around 15-20 degrees Celsius during the day, it can drop to 12 degrees Celsius at night. Therefore, our recommendation for visitors who will go on this date will be to bring an umbrella and something thick with them.

Trip To Hong Kong

For a fun Hong Kong trip, it will be enough to allocate 3-4 days to the city. If you want to see places such as Disneyland and Ocean Park in the city, you can extend this period a little longer. We have listed the most important places to visit in the city for you.

Victoria Peak


At 554 meters high, Victoria Peak is located southwest of Hong Kong and is also known as Mount Austin. This summit, where 6 million tourists come every year, is one of the important symbols of Hong Kong. Those who want to come to the summit can use the historical Peak tram. This tram, built in 1888, is still actively used today.

Victoria Peak is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city. With the wok-shaped building, you can watch the city from different perspectives both in the daytime and at night and capture different frames. In addition, the laser show held every evening at 20:00 is worth seeing. Visitors to Victoria Peak can go up for a fee. Those who want to get detailed information for this can get help from the tourist information service in the center.

Man Mo Temple


One of the most authentic and interesting places in Hong Kong, Man Mo Temple is one of the oldest temples in the region. There are certain figures that are sanctified in the temple. The most important of these figures are the God of Literature and the God of War.

Thousands of people flock to the temple, which was built in 1848. The temple, which was under British colonial rule for a period, was built by Taoists. There are important symbols about the figures mentioned above in the temple. It is accepted that the birth dates of Man Cheong, who is accepted as the God of Literature, and the other figure, who is blessed as the God of War, date back to 287-160 BC. When you enter the temple, the intense smell of incense will welcome you next to these figures and will transport you to different worlds.

Nathan Street


Nathan Street, located on the Kowloon Peninsula, which is part of the Hong Kong autonomous region, is one of the most vibrant and shopping areas of the region. This area, where many tourists come to shop and see both the modern and historical structure of Hong Kong, is also known as The Golden Mile.

Today, Nathan Street, where many important brands are located and decorated with neon lights, offers you a resting area with many cafes and restaurants. This street, which attracts those who see it with its colorful lights and lively texture, is one of the places where you can shop at affordable prices for both yourself and your loved ones. Especially in the country where night shopping stands out, Nathan Street emerges as an important cultural area.

Hong Kong Park


Located on the Hong Kong Peninsula, Hong Kong Park is among the peaceful and green areas where you can relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Hong Kong Park, which is visited by approximately 1 million tourists every year, has been deemed worthy of many awards with its natural beauties and design. There are many different areas in the park. The most popular parts of these areas are the Conservatory and Sports Center areas.

This area, where you can get away from the noise of the city with its greenery and many bird species, will help you spend pleasant moments with your children. For those who want to visit Hong Kong Park besides resting, our recommendation would be to see the Visual Arts Center and the Tea House. In addition, those who wish can see the British military structures, which have a history of 100 years, here.

Po Lin Monastery


Po Lin Monastery is an important religious temple built in 1906. Surrounded by mountains, this monastery has a height of 34 meters. The monastery with a large bronze statue is displayed at the entrance of the monastery to represent the Buddha, who taught humility and tolerance. You have to climb 268 stairs to get to the monastery, which took about 12 years to build.

Founded by three monks and boasting one of the largest Buddha statues in the world, the Monastery welcomes thousands of tourists every year. Visitors to the monastery can also find many jewelry stands here. Making and selling wooden bracelets is very famous in the monastery.

Ocean Park


Ocean Park, one of the largest entertainment centers in Southeast Asia, is located in the Aberdeen Harbor area. Ocean Park, chosen as the seventh most important park in the world, is located on an area of 870,000 square meters. In this park, which is spread over a very large surface, various water game activities are carried out.

The panda and jellyfish exhibition in the park is among the sections that attract a lot of attention. You can spend a pleasant time with many entertainment and game activities in this area, where families and tourists show great interest on weekends.

Kowloon Park


Located in the northern region of Hong Kong, Kowloon Park was established in 1970. This part of the city, which was under British colonial rule for a while, was used as a British military base for many years. Kowloon Park, where you can be intertwined with nature, opens its doors to you with its various animals and different types of flowers.

In this park, where thousands of tourists come every year, you can take a walk and visit its sections with different areas. Those who want to get away from the chaos of the busy skyscrapers with a modern architecture can visit Kowloon Park and enjoy nature while sipping their coffee at the cafes in the surrounding area. You can also meet many local people and get to know Hong Kong culture better in Kowloon Park, where you can find every shade of green.

Temple Street Night Market


Temple Street Night Market is one of the famous night markets in Hong Kong. It is possible to find interesting products in the market, which started to be established in the afternoon. It is possible to reach the market in 8-9 minutes from the city center by using the Lai Chi Kok bus line in the city center.

There are counters in the market serving in many different areas. In these stalls, there are not only clothing, jewelry and souvenirs, but also delicious foods, fruits and traditional pastries from the region. In the market where technological devices are also heavily involved, prices can be said to be well above the market price. Therefore, it is also useful to bargain hard before buying any product. Because the price of the product you will buy can be reduced by half after the discount.

Disneyland Hong Kong


Located on Lantau Island and located on a very small area, Disneyland Hong Kong is divided into certain sections within itself. The main ones of these areas are as follows: Main Street USA, Adventure World, Fantastic World and Tomorrow World.

Main Street USA is a section where the old architecture of America is represented. Adventure World, on the other hand, is a section with African and Asian themes and wide rivers designed. Fantastic World, on the other hand, draws attention with its very interesting and fairy-tale design. In the latest episode, Tomorrow World, it offers you an experience about space and future periods.

It is also possible to see large crowds inside the building, as Disneyland is one of the most popular tourist attractions, especially attracting the attention of children.

Transportation In Hong Kong


When you travel to Hong Kong, you should also know how to get there. Hong Kong is one of the cities where you can use public transportation in the most comfortable and easy way. Hong Kong, which has a very comfortable and fast transportation network, serves its visitors with different transportation options such as taxi, bus, ferry, tram and train.

Buses, which are the most suitable public transportation vehicles in Hong Kong, are among the most preferred options by tourists with their comfortable structure and low fare policies. When you land at the airport, it is possible to find an information office about bus lines. There are two companies in Hong Kong that own the local bus business. These include City Bus and Long Win.

The city’s most used public transport is the tram. The tram system, which was established in 1904, is another preferred transportation option because it is quite fast.

Hong Kong, which has the world’s best ferry system, is operated by the Star Ferry company. The ferry network, which provides service to quite different points, is among the most preferred options by sea lovers.

When you land at Hong Kong Airport, the other means of transportation you can reach the city center is the train. With the Airport Express train, you can be in the city center in about 25 minutes.

Hong Kong Cuisine


Your trip to Hong Kong continues, if you can’t decide what to eat, then it’s time to talk about what to eat in Hong Kong. Hong Kong cuisine has an important place for many people. It is possible to find many different foods from Asian and Western cuisines in Hong Kong cuisine, where there is not only Chinese cuisine. Those who want to get to know Chinese cuisine closely can find a wide range of different traditional foods in Hong Kong.

According to a study by a restaurant magazine, Hong Kong cuisine is ranked #4 in the top 100 restaurants. Our recommendation for those who want to get to know different cultures with different tastes is to visit local cuisines. However, we should also note that many of the local restaurants have very long queues, so you need to make your reservation in advance. The solution suggestion of many people, especially during busy business hours, is to open a reservation by registering in advance and to be able to sit in the vacated places in this way.

Chinese chopsticks are generally used in Hong Kong cuisine. But in restaurants, extra spoons, forks and knives are provided for tourists. One point of using chopsticks in Hong Kong cuisine is that they don’t make any noise. One of the reasons why Asians, who do not like the sound of spoons, forks and knives, use these sticks is not to disturb the environment.

Dim Sum, Siu Mei, Congee and Noddles are among the most important flavors you will eat in Hong Kong. In addition, you are likely to see the afternoon tea ritual in many cafes and restaurants in Hong Kong, which has been under British colonial rule for many years.

Shopping In Hong Kong

Wouldn’t you like to beautify your Hong Kong trip with shopping? Hong Kong is one of the tax exempt cities. Therefore, for this reason, Hong Kong is one of the most attractive cities in terms of shopping. You can find a wide range of products such as electronic goods, jewelry, clothing, perfumery, accessories here. In addition to large shopping centers, local night markets are also an alternative. Night markets established in HongKong are very important in terms of finding traditional products.

Among the products you can buy in the city, which offers different shopping options, are the following: antiques and collectibles in Hollywood Road and Cat Street, art paintings and pieces from art galleries, Chinese and Iranian carpets and rugs in Hollywood Road and Wyndham Street. The models include Chinese porcelain, one of the most important pieces of the 16th century.

Among the important shopping centers in Hong Kong are CityPlaza, G.O.D, Fashion Walk, Horizon Plaza, IFC Mall, LandMark, Lee Gardens, Western Market and WTC More.

The streets of Hong Kong are a place where you can both shop and catch colorful images. It is also possible to shop for clothing and souvenirs at the stands set up next to food and beverage varieties. The night markets you will attend are the scene of quite colorful scenes. It is possible to bargain at night markets, which you cannot do in big shopping malls.

Important night markets in the Kowloon area include: Ladies’ Market, Apliu Flea Market, Flower Market, Cat Street, Bird Garden, Jade Market, Chun Yeun, Dried Seafood and Tonic Food Market, Gough Street and Stanley Market. If you want to pay the real price of your shopping in Hong Kong, you should definitely bargain. For this reason, you should learn the real price of the product you bought and start shopping by bargaining at a low price. This is not the case only in large shopping malls.

Hong Kong Nightlife

Hong Kong, where entertainment reaches its peak, has a very lively nightlife. It is known that many tourists come to Hong Kong just to participate in the nightlife. There are bars, nightclubs, karaoke clubs and live music venues in many parts of the city. This fun environment, which continues until the first hours of the morning, invites you to have a different experience.

Among the most important venues in Hong Kong are Bar 109, Club 71, East and Brewey, Executive Bar, Where, Maya, Tivo, Red Rock, Sparkz, Dada, Captain’s Bar and Mes Amis.

For Hong Kong nightlife, you need to have at least 150-200 HKD with you. As we mentioned before, nightlife is equally expensive in Hong Kong, which is quite expensive compared to other Asian cities. Many bars in Hong Kong have live music on certain days of the week. We recommend that you be very selective about the choice of bars, because the entertainment structure of each region is quite different from each other.

Since the distance between the regions is very large, it may take a long time to move from one place to another. Therefore, if you prefer places that are close to each other, it will be easier for you to switch to a different place. When you travel to Hong Kong, do not leave without tasting the nightlife!

The best entertainment venues in Hong Kong are located in Lan Kwai Fong, Wan Chai. Lan Kwai Fong has close to 10 streets where the most famous parties are held. You can have fun safely until the first light of the morning in this street where the best quality and elite bars are located. It is only worth noting that; You have to pay an extra fee in restaurants that are open until very late at night.

Therefore, the restaurants you prefer after the entertainment venues may seem quite high for you in terms of price. Nightlife in this region usually starts after 21:00.

Another alternative region we will offer for those who do not prefer to go to the Lan Kwai Fong region is the Wan Chai region. In this region, where entrance to many nightclubs is paid, it is possible to see a younger audience coming here to have fun. Club Ing, Dragon 1, New WayBar and Cyber 8 Discotheque Pub are among the places we will recommend for you in nightclubs in this region where more parties are common.

It would be beneficial for those who attach great importance to night life to choose the hotel or hostel close to these places. Otherwise, you may have to pay quite a lot of taxi fare to get from one place to another. Bars, where alcohol consumption is very common and the slogan of “happy hours” stands out, offers a fun environment for you by hosting quite different groups.

In addition, in Hong Kong, where it is a must to comply with the dress code, it is seen that those who do not comply with this rule have serious problems. In addition, if you decide to extend your entertainment until the morning hours, we should mention that it is possible that you will have difficulties in finding a taxi.

Hong Kong Festivals

Hong Kong, where many festivals take place, offers very lively and colorful squares for both local and foreign people. The most prominent of these festivals are as follows:

Chinese New Year Festival: This festival, where many places are closed for 3 days due to the Chinese New Year Festival, is the scene of very colorful images with fireworks displays and night parades. This festival takes place every year in January and February.

Hong Kong Salsa Festival: Many people dance with Latin-inspired dances in this festival, which takes place in February every year. This festival, which has a multicultural structure, has a very entertaining structure.

Chung Yeung Festival: In this festival, where autumn is remembered, many activities such as mountain climbing and hiking are carried out.

Hong Kong Public Holidays

  • Chinese New Year: January-February
  • Easter: It changes every year
  • Labor Day: May 1
  • Dragon Boat: May-June
  • Hong Kong Special Administration Liberation Day: July 1
  • Moon Cake Festival: September-October
  • Christmas: December 25-26

Useful Information For Hong Kong

  • Fire Brigade: 999
  • Police: 999
  • Ambulance: 112

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