Trip To Kyrenia | Cyprus Travel Guide

Trip To Kyrenia | Cyprus Travel Guide

If you are thinking of traveling to Kyrenia, Cyprus, you are in the right place. Surrounded by the Beşparmak Mountains in the south and the Mediterranean Sea in the north, the port city of Kyrenia is the most popular holiday resort on the Island of Cyprus. In the last census made in 2006, it was recorded that the population of Kyrenia, whose population has increased gradually in recent years, exceeded 62 thousand people.

Growing by 58 percent compared to the census in 1996, Kyrenia is one of the most important touristic centers of the Mediterranean with its restaurants, bars, old Venetian houses, shopping center and casinos within walking distance, lined up in a crescent shape surrounding the marina.

History BC Dating back to the 10th century, Kyrenia was the first settlement of small communities from the Aegean region. It is also the center of one of the 10 kingdoms of Cyprus in ancient times. With this feature, it is a historical city that carries the traces of various civilizations that dominate Cyprus. The name of the city is mentioned as ‘Corineum’ in Roman sources. Its history is the same as the history of the island.

According to some sources, Kyrenia was plundered by Arab pirates several times during the Byzantine period. It was founded by the Achaeans in the 10th century and took the name ‘Kyrenia’, which is the name of a mountain in the country where its founders came from. In some other sources, It is stated that it was founded by the Phoenicians in the 9th century.

Lusignan, the Kyrenia Castle from the Venetian periods, is one of the must-see places in Kyrenia, which has an area of 50 square kilometers and is located in the north of Cyprus. The Sunken Ship Museum inside the castle, the Folk Art Museum and the Archangelos Michail Church (Icon Museum) near the castle are the historical places that tourists show the most interest.

In Kyrenia, where the summer season lasts for a very long time, hotels located mostly close to the beach are generally 4 and 5 star hotels. With a unique panoramic view of the Mediterranean, Kyrenia hotels also serve for business meetings, invitations and special celebrations as well as holiday stays.

Where Is Kyrenia?

Let us share with you some of the things you need to know when traveling to Kyrenia. Let us share with you some of the things you need to know when traveling to Kyrenia. Located in the north of Cyprus, Girne is 26 kilometers from Nicosia, 80 kilometers from Famagusta and 47 kilometers from Güzelyurt. The Girne Mountain Range, known as Kayalar Mountain, Lapta Mountain, Besparmak Mountains and Kantara Mountains, is located in the south of the city. The skirts of these mountain ranges are covered with Aleppo pines. The plains formed between the mountains can be seen up to the Karpas Peninsula. Servili Hill is the highest point of the region with 1023 meters.

When To Go To Kyrenia?

In Kyrenia, where the typical Mediterranean climate is experienced, summers are long and dry, and winters are short and rainy. Precipitation is mostly seen in the form of rain. In winter, snow falls on the Kyrenia mountain range, although it is rare, but it melts in a short time.

The average of the coldest January in Kyrenia is 9 degrees, and the average of the hottest July is 40 degrees. Although the coasts of the sea are cool in summer, they are warmer than inland areas due to the humidity. The sea water temperature in Kyrenia is 21.5 degrees on average and the average humidity is 68.8 percent.

Temperatures are also high in the spring. It measures 25 degrees on average. For this reason, the months of May and June will be ideal for sightseeing. Islanders and shopkeepers have siesta at noon in summer. It is useful to pay attention to this detail for shopping. Cyprus, which has a green vegetation, becomes colorful with flowers every season.

Since the soil is fertile in Kyrenia, especially citrus trees such as lemon, tangerine, orange, grapefruit; carob, olive, eucalyptus on the coastline and pine trees in mountainous regions. Although Kyrenia is flooded by tourists in the summer months, it is a preferred holiday center with its climate, festivals and casinos.

Trip To Kyrenia

Although it is often referred to as a touristic city, Kyrenia is a very rich city in terms of history. In terms of places to visit, Kyrenia Castle, Sunken Ship Museum, Bosphorus Martyrdom, Ağa Cafer Paşa Mosque, St. Hilarion Monastery, Folk Art Museum, Hz. It is home to many historical sites such as the Tomb of Ömer.

Kyrenia Castle


This rectangular castle with an extraordinary view is the symbol of the city. It is not known exactly when the castle was built. It is estimated that it was built by the Byzantines in order to protect the city against the Arab raids that started in Cyprus in the 7th century. Additions were made to the castle during the Lusignan period (1208-1211 AD).

Its final form is in the Venetian period, M.S. It was taken between 1489 and 1570. The castle where the Lusignan kings rested in times of peace and took refuge in times of war, AD. It was badly damaged during the Genoese raids in 1373.

The castle, which underwent significant changes in 1489 by the Venetians, passed into the hands of the Ottomans in 1570 and remained in the hands of the Ottomans for about three centuries. During the British Colonial Administration (1878-1960), it was used as a Police School and a prison.

Sunken Ship Museum


Located inside Kyrenia Castle, this museum is the remains of a Hellenistic naval ship. This is also the oldest known sunken ship in history.

Agha Cafer Pasha Mosque


The mosque, which was built by the Governor of Cyprus, Ağa Cafer Pasha in 1589, is next to the castle, on a stone-paved street leading from the port to the city center. It is the oldest mosque in Kyrenia. The rectangular mosque, made of cut stone with a single minaret, has a single balcony. Just southeast of the mosque is Hasan Kavizade Hüseyin Efendi Fountain.

The fountain is famous for its three arches made with relief art. There is a marble inscription dated 1257 (Gregorian 1841) with inverted moon, rosette and branch motifs on the arch in the middle.

Folk Art Museum


Located in the historical Girne Harbor, the two-storey house is an important cultural center that has survived from the 18th century. On the first floor of the house, which is used as a Folk Art Museum today, agricultural tools such as a loom, olive oil clamps, a jar, a hammer, a plow, a loom and a wooden threshing machine are exhibited.

On the second floor, which is accessed by wooden stairs, there are examples of crochet works, embroidered table and bedspreads, carved dowry chests, wedding dresses, head covers, woolen socks, wardrobes, pillows, and examples of Cypriot handicrafts. There is also a dough trough and shutters that can be opened and closed on this floor.

St. Hilarion Castle


Located on the northern skirts of the Besparmak Mountains, St. Hilarion Castle is 10 km from Kyrenia. This castle, which is 700 meters high, can be reached by climbing 480 steps. Therefore, it has a unique view. Despite the heat below, St. Hilarion welcomes its visitors with a sweet, cool breeze.

st. Hilarion Castle was built in 1191 by the Palestinian St. Due to the increase in visitors to Hilarion, it was converted into a monastery. The monastery was fortified in the 11th century to protect against the Turks. Although Richard the Lionheart controlled the Island of Cyprus and its castles for a while, he handed over the Castle to Guy de Lusignan in 1191. Surrounded by 500 meters long walls and 9 bastions, St. There are three separate sections in Hilarion Castle.

Bellapais Abbey


Bellapais, today’s Beylerbeyi Village, is a small Mediterranean village surrounded by lemon and pomegranate trees. Bellapais Monastery, which made the village popular, is one of the examples of gothic architectural art in this region. The monastery, 4-5 km from Kyrenia, was built between 1158-1205.

A large part of Bellapais, which has survived until today, was built by the King of France III. It was built by Hugh between 1267-1284. The colonnades surrounding the courtyard in the middle of the monastery from all sides and the dining hall were built between 1324 and 1359 by IV. It was added during Hugh’s reign. After the Ottomans captured the island, Bellapais Monastery was given to the Greek Orthodox Church.

Sourp Magar Monastery


M.S. This monastery, which was built in the 1st century and also known as the Blue Monastery, is St. Dedicated to Makarios. Also known as the Monastery of Mary, the monastery passed to the Armenian Church in the 15th century and became a pilgrimage destination for Armenian pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem. Today’s ruins belong to the 19th century. There is an inscription in Armenian on the wall of the monastery.

Transportation In Kyrenia


When you travel to Kyrenia, you should also know how to get there. It is possible to reach everywhere in Kyrenia by taxi. There are also buses running between Nicosia Ercan Airport and other cities. There are minibuses both inside Kyrenia and from Kyrenia to other cities. In short, transportation on the island is comfortable, there are many alternatives. You can reach Ozanköy, Alsancak side by city minibuses.

There are minibuses both within the city of Kyrenia and to the capital Nicosia. Taxis are mostly used, and there is also the option of renting a car. An important detail that should be known before renting a car is that the traffic in Cyprus flows from the right, and this is an unusual situation, so using a taxi may be a better option in terms of transportation.

Shopping In Kyrenia


Your trip to Kyrenia continues, if you can’t decide what to eat, then it’s time to talk about what to eat in Kyrenia. Kyrenia is one of the biggest attractions of Cyprus. For this reason, it is possible to find examples from world-famous brands in Kyrenia. There is also plenty of choice in wine and spirits at affordable prices. In the center of Kyrenia, there are shops selling gold and silver jewelry combined with colored stones. Apart from this, there are many shops where a wide variety of souvenirs are sold.

Kyrenia Nightlife


When it comes to nightlife in Kyrenia, the first thing that comes to mind is casinos. Almost all large hotels have casinos. There is a more fun atmosphere on weekends. Because famous singers take the stage in these casinos. For those who do not prefer this, Sympathy Bar, Roxanne, The Valley and Runch Bar are the most popular options. Wouldn’t you like to beautify your Kyrenia trip with shopping?

Kyrenia Festivals

Kyrenia Culture and Art Days (June-September) are held with themes such as freedom and peace in order to draw attention to the cultural and artistic activities that have a great importance in the economic, touristic, cultural and social life of the cities.

The Cyprus Silk Cocoon Festival (May) is traditionally organized in order to keep the silk, cocoon and related handicrafts alive, to continue the traditions and to transfer them to the next generations.

  • Ozankoy Molasses Festival (August)
  • Olive Festival (October)
  • Dogankoy Hawthorn Festival (November)

Useful Information For Kyrenia

  • Police: 155
  • Emergency: 112
  • Fire: 199



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