Trip To Nevsehir | Travel Guide Turkey

Trip To Nevsehir | Travel Guide Turkey

If you are thinking of traveling to Nevsehir, Turkey, you are in the right place. This city, which is also called the fairy tale city of Anatolia, is like a door to a different world with its history and texture. When Nevsehir is mentioned, the first region that comes to mind is Cappadocia. The name of this place comes from the old Kingdom of Cappadocia. It is also a different expression of the name Katpatuka, and according to the rumor, this word also means “beautiful horses”. For this reason, the region we will try to describe takes its place in our language as the Land of Beautiful Horses.

In this region, which became an important center of Christianity after the Hittites, houses were carved into rocks, churches were formed by processing hard stones, and pictures were drawn on stone walls. It has been an important hermitage and shelter for the Christian world fleeing from the Roman oppression. Even though the geographical region we originally called Cappadocia covers a much larger and wider area than the one we are talking about, we are currently naming a region within Nevsehir province as such.

This is a district that gives life to Nevsehir. Geologically, we can define this region as the piles of stones formed by the erosion of the soft structure formed by the molds of the 3 big volcanoes around it by rain and wind over the years. However, this simple sentence that you have just read includes an event that occurred 60 million years ago and hard rocks that can become this way in 60 million years.

Where Is Nevsehir?

Let us share with you some of the things you need to know when traveling to Nevsehir. Nevsehir, with its 5.467 km² area, is located in Central Anatolia, on a very large plateau formed by old large volcanoes. This plateau is split by the Kızılırmak in the east-west direction. Kayseri is located in the east of the city, Nigde in the south and Kırsehir in the northwest.

When To Go To Nevsehir?

Due to its climate, Nevsehir experiences the most popular period of the year during the summer months. However, due to its geographical diversity, it is a touristic region in all seasons. Although the winters are cold and harsh, the snowy valleys are worth seeing by some tourists. However, the best time to go may be the spring months, when the weather is not overheated and the prices do not increase excessively in proportion to the demand. April-May or the autumn period right after summer are ideal times for Nevsehir.

Best Places To Visit In Nevsehir

Nevsehir actually means Cappadocia for most people. Stone texture, hot air balloons, many churches, open air museums and more… The city, which has a great history, contains many places to visit that have made their name known to the world with its volcanic structure. One of the biggest features of the city is the fairy chimneys. Rocks were formed when the layers formed after the eruptions of Erciyes, Hasandagı and Gulludag Volcanoes 60 million years ago became rocky and shaped by wind and rain erosion.

This beauty is the symbol of Cappadocia, namely Nevsehir. They can be found in heights from 1 to 5 meters and are ranked 5th in the List of the New 25 Wonders of the World. In fact, the first item of the title of places to visit in Nevsehir should be Cappadocia, but since almost all of them are Cappadocia, we will itemize the places to visit in Cappadocia.

You can discover many fascinating places in Nevsehir, the pearl of Central Anatolia. You can visit the Goreme Open Air Museum, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the Three Beauties with 3 beautiful fairy chimneys, the symbol of Cappadocia and Nevsehir, the Hacı Bektas-ı Veli Tomb, the center of Bektashi tolerance and philosophy, the Nevsehir region.

Do not miss seeing the Ihlara Valley, one of the most beautiful hiking trails, and the underground cities, mainly Derinkuyu, Kaymaklı, Ozkonak, Mucur and Orentepe, during your Nevsehir trip.

Goreme Open Air Museum


It is a place with the highest concentration of 360 churches in the region and where only the clergy resided at the time. A residential area with churches, chapels and other things they need to survive. Chapel means the smallest of the church. As an example, we can show our mosques. The only difference is that there are graves of important people in it. The history of this region dates back to the 4th century BC. Apart from the 6 historical churches inside, its monasteries and murals are the most impressive areas of the region.

It is estimated to have lived here for 9 centuries. And the murals show unorthodox depictions of biblical stories. It is also known that Goreme Open Air Museum, which has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1985, was used as a barn for a period. If you want to take a look before you go, there are 360-degree camera links of the region on the website of the Ministry of Culture. Carıklı and Dark Church are among the most striking churches of the region.

According to the travellers, the churches that are entered one after the other can leave an impression on people after a short time. For this reason, it may be more logical to start with the most beautiful churches you have chosen first. Churches and chapels with valley views are one of the best examples of early Orthodox Christianity. There is also a souvenir shop affiliated to the Ministry of Culture within the scope of the museum.

Three Beauties


The Three Beauties is a very famous place where 3 beautiful fairy chimneys, the symbol of Cappadocia and Nevsehir, are located side by side and offer tourists a beautiful picture view due to its background. It is not difficult to find Uc Guzeller, which is located 1-2 kilometers away from Urgup center while driving in the direction of Nevsehir Urgup.

When you get close, you will understand when you see many tourists, a large crowd and dozens of people taking pictures around you. You can leave a car on the side of the road, which is what everyone else is doing. Erciyes Mountain rising behind offers a beautiful view in front of you. Although the third beautiful fairy chimney cannot be seen at first glance, if you look carefully, you can see three fairy chimneys as two parents and a child.

One is smaller and smaller than the others; a nuclear family picture and the lofty Erciyes Mountain behind them. The place, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is a famous region visited by approximately 2 million tourists a year.

Like almost every beautiful and historical place, this place is famous for its legend. When an impressive legend is added to the beautiful scenery, Three Beauties ranks first among the places to go. According to the legend, the king and queen living in the Cappadocia region cannot control their daughters and their daughter falls in love with a shepherd in the kingdom and decides to marry. However, as in every legend, the king refuses to give his beautiful noble daughter to a shepherd and says that he does not approve of the marriage.

In short, the girl, who is very sad about this, makes a child from the shepherd, unaware of the king. When he goes to the king to soften, the King orders all three of them to be killed. As a result, lovers who open their hands to God want a way out. And Allah turns them into these three fairy chimneys.

Our legend ends here. She remains beautiful in Three Beauties. Entry is free, it’s already surrounded by natural beauty, not a place. It is one of the most suitable areas in Kapodakya to go to the top and take beautiful pictures.

Haci Bektas-i Veli Tomb And Museum


Considered as the center of Bektashi tolerance and philosophy, the tomb has a high visitor capacity every year, as it is an interesting place. Hacı Bektas-ı Veli, a sufi Islamic thinker who values human and morality, lived between 1248 and 1337, at least it is estimated. He settled in Anatolia in the 13th century and established his own dervish lodge in the town of Hacıbektas.

The lodge, which was also repaired by Orhangazi, Murat I and Yıldırım Beyazıt, spread the advice of righteousness and humanity to people for years. The most important feature of the district, which is also seen as one of the important settlements of the Cappadocia region, is that it houses the tomb. There are three important courtyards in the Hacı Bektas-ı Veli Tomb.

In the first courtyard, there is the Ucler Fountain, which you should see. The second courtyard is known as the Lodge Court, and the passage to this section is provided through the Ucler Gate. There are sections such as Aslanlı Fountain, Cook House, Baba Mansion, Mihman House in the courtyard of the lodge. In the third courtyard, there are AtatUrk Corner, Pir House and Balım Sultan Tomb.

The most interesting part of the museum is the section called Meydan House. This is the place where cem ceremonies, one of the most important worships of Alevi-Bektashism, are held. This ceremony, led by grandfathers or fathers, is an indispensable worship for Alevis.

Every year in August, commemoration ceremonies are held for Hacı Bektas-ı Veli. These are the times when the museum is most crowded. Many people from all over the world flock to visit this museum and especially the shrine.

Ihlara Valley


Ihlara Valley is one of the most dazzling and perhaps the most exhausting places in the Cappadocia basin. First of all, there are two ways to visit the valley. First, you can watch the surroundings by passing through the valley during the balloon tour, and the second option is to walk around with the chance to enter the churches and hollows.

There are stairs going down to the steep green valley for the trip to Ihlara, after hundreds of steps you will descend to the place where the waters flow, greenery and natural wonders. This road used to be shortened by a vehicle, but that part has been closed due to the crowds of passengers on tours.

You can catch magnificent views from the cliff, and when you descend, you will see chapels and churches hidden everywhere. The cellars, interiors and frescoes of the houses are waiting to be discovered along the way. You can explore the valley by changing your direction from time to time with bridges over the river.

The Melendiz Stream formed the Ihlara Valley after a period of millions of years. Melendiz Stream, which enabled the canyon to take its present form, was called “Potamus Kapadukus”, which means “Cappadocia River” in the early ages. The starting point of the 14-kilometer-long valley is Ihlara, and the last stop is Selime.
The height of the valley varies between 100 and 150 meters.

There are shelters, tombs and churches carved into the rocks along the valley. The interior decorations in the Ihlara Valley, which started from the 6th century and continued until the end of the 13th century, are still more visible today and attract great attention. Some churches are connected to each other by tunnels, just like underground cities.

It is possible to divide the churches along the valley into two groups. Although the wall paintings of the churches in the region close to Ihlara are far from Cappadocia art, they were under the influence of the East. The ones near Belisirma are decorated with Byzantine type wall ornaments. However, the number of inscriptions belonging to the Byzantine period in Ihlara Region is very few.

One of these inscriptions is the Seljuk Sultan II. Mesud and the Byzantine Emperor II. It was inscribed on a 13th-century fresco with the names of Andronikos. In the writings, the tolerance that the Seljuks showed when they held this region was also emphasized.
Among the churches whose dates can be determined, Direkli Church (976-1025) and Purenli Seki Church are estimated to belong to the beginning of the 10th century and the 12th century, while the Saint Georges Church is dated to 1283-1295. The construction of the Dark Castle Church dates back to the 10th and 11th centuries. By the middle of the 10th century, the Byzantines took back the Taurus and Cilicia regions and built new churches in the Ihlara region.

These also bear the names of Bahaeddin Samanlıgı Church, Sumbullu Church and Direkli Church. At the beginning of the 11th century, Ala Church, Canlı Church and Karagedik Church were built and their numbers were increased.

When the population exchange took place in 1924, the construction of new churches in the region came to an end. Ihlara valley was used as a place of worship by monks and priests due to its geomorphological features. For this reason, our present Aksaray province has been an important religious center since the first years of Christianity. In fact, the founders of the sect, Basilius of Kayseri and Gregorius of Nazianzos, were raised here in the 4th century.

How Was Ihlara Valley Formed?

To give some information about the formation of the valley, we can start by saying that the lava erupted by Mount Hasan when it was an active volcano created a different type of rock structure in the region. We can say that the cracks and sedimentation formed in the region over time took its present form with the influence of the Melendiz Stream and formed the Ihlara Valley.

If you are planning a walk here, it would be useful to remind you that the route that is generally preferred and accepted as a standard is about 6 kilometers, starting from Ihlara Village and ending in Belisırma Village.

One of the interesting aspects of the valley is that there are more than 100 monasteries and faith centers in the area. It is known that horse breeding was done in the valley, where tens of thousands of people lived in the past. It is also referred to as the path of nature and belief due to the religious points on the ground, which is a walking path.

Ihlara Valley To Trip 

Among the main churches you can see on the Ihlara Valley are; Egritas Church, Sumbullu Church, Direkli Church, Agacaltı Church, Purenliseki Church, Kokar Church, Yılanlı Church and St. George Church. In addition, Derinkuyu Underground City, with its magical atmosphere and mystery, is a place you should not miss when you go to Ihlara. You can check out some of the places you can go.

Egritas Church: It is known that the church, which is considered the oldest among the structures in the Ihlara valley, was built in the 9th century. Hz. It is possible to see the pictures of various events in the church, which was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and built in the format of a large church, despite the passage of time.

Sumbullu Church: The history of the building, which takes its name from the hyacinths grown in the region, dates back to the 10th century.

Ihlara Valley Yılanlı Church: This church, which you can see after about 50 meters when you continue to the left after descending the Ihlara valley stairs, is a free Greek cross planned structure.

Derinkuyu Underground City: Derinkuyu Underground City, which is about half an hour from Ihlara Valley; it greets you as a place you cannot believe when you see it. Derinkuyu Underground City, which consists of 8 floors towards the underground and has different sections, has been accepting visitors as a place open to tourism since 1967. This fascinating city, which is thought to have a history dating back to 3000 BC, also has the title of being the place where the oldest mental hospital in the world is located.

Food and Drink In Ihlara Valley

On the way to the Ihlara valley, you may need to eat something even if you are full due to the open air and the view. For this, you can say hello to the wonderful tastes at the tent-like stands built on the Melendiz Stream. In addition, while you are in Ihlara, you should not even think of returning without eating the local flavors of Aksaray.

Squeezing, okra soup, Aksaray pan, bulgur pilaf with mushrooms, papara, raw, stir-fry, stuffed ravioli, twisted turban and dolaz are among the flavors you must taste. You can check the restaurants you can go to in the district.

How Many Meters Is The Length Of Ihlara Valley?

Ihlara Valley is 14 kilometers long and its height reaches 150 meters in places. As for how many kilometers it is from Aksaray, the distance between Aksaray city center and Ihlara Valley is 36 kilometers. The journey takes about an hour. For more detailed information and route, Ihlara Valley map details will help those who want to go to the valley.

Stairs Of Ihlara Valley

Ihlara Valley, which has 394 stairs to descend to the Melendiz Stream and the valley between hundreds of meters high canyons, was initiated in 2013 by the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism in order to facilitate the ups and downs of tourists, to facilitate elderly visitors and to increase the number of visitors to the Ihlara Valley. Landing and Exit Systems Feasibility Project study is carried out.

Considering that the height has reached hundreds of meters, it is obvious that it is not an easy place to go up and down. For this reason, it is not very possible for tourists, old people or young visitors who come to visit the valley to go up and down comfortably. In the project, which will prevent this problem, the number of steps will be increased and a road mechanism that will provide more comfortable descent and exit will be established.

Within the scope of the Ihlara Valley stairs landing and exit systems project, a study will be carried out without harming the nature in any way. The natural area will not be damaged in all the works carried out.

Underground Cities

One of the most interesting places in Nevsehir are the underground cities, mainly Derinkuyu, Kaymaklı, Ozkonak, Mucur and Orentepe. There are many underground cities carved into soft tuff rocks in the city. Of these, Derinkuyu is the largest underground city unearthed in Turkey. The underground city, which is ventilated by a well of approximately 55 meters, has 8 floors and was opened to tourism in 1967.

Although there are many other wells, one has remained open, while others have been closed due to poisoning hazards. The city, which takes its name from this well, can offer communities enough shelter and space to provide shelter and meet their general needs. The rooms of the underground city used in wine making are also interesting.

It is 20 km from Nevsehir with its history dating back to 4000 BC. Kaymaklı underground city, located in the town of Kaymaklı, is 8 floors away, but only 4 floors are open to visitors. There are supply lockers, wine cellars and water cellars here. There are also stones in the city that cover the door against dangers from outside.

Transportation In Nevsehir

When you travel to Nevsehir, you should also know how to get there. Transportation in Nevsehir region can be provided by minibus, minibus and bus. People looking for an economical solution to transportation may prefer public transportation as the distances are not very far. As a matter of fact, a tiring journey that takes hours is unlikely because the distances are short. Taxi is another option, of course.

However, tourists mostly prefer to travel with their own car. In addition to these, many people allocate their own vehicle by getting help from car rental companies. However, for adventurous travelers, one of Nevsehir’s biggest services is bicycles and ATVs.

As explained above, transportation from airports is very easy, transportation is available in every part of the day.

Nevsehir Cuisine

Your trip to Nevsehir continues, if you can’t decide what to eat, then it’s time to talk about what to eat in Nevsehir. When Nevsehir is mentioned, of course, touristic areas come to the fore in terms of food and restaurants. At the beginning of these regions are Uchisar, Urgup and Goreme, and the combination of them can actually be called Cappadocia. You can find all the dishes found in these regions in Nevsehir centre. The peculiarity of the regions is that restaurants are generally located here, as their touristic capacity is higher.

In addition, since Nevsehir and the parts we have mentioned are generally close enough to each other, you can have a meal at a known restaurant and then change places very easily.

First of all, we can count the test kebab as the most famous dish of the region. As the name suggests, it is presented in a test. You may be surprised the first time you see the food in front of you in earthen bowls. However, we can say that you will be satisfied when the test is broken and you see that famous view. These prices can vary and we can say that it is a bit expensive as it is the most famous dish of the region.

It is very possible to come across a pan as a popular flavor in the Nevsehir region. Especially if you can find the opportunity to eat at Le Mouton Rouge restaurant in Uchisar, the ambiance of the place and the taste of the food can be a good memory that you will never forget. The establishment, which has a beautiful patio, is becoming more and more popular with its original decoration, beautiful chairs and attractive tables.

In addition, Seki Restaurant is an original restaurant with a beautiful view, located in Uchisar and having one of the 6 largest underground cellars. The restaurant, which has a view of the Guvercinlik Valley, is located within the Argos in Cappadocia Hotel. In addition to these, Sıra Restaurant is one of the places frequented by travelers. It is a place that has earned the title of “a must in Nevsehir” among foreign tourists, especially with its wines and dishes. This place is located inside the Sıra Hotel in the Uchisar region.

The biggest feature that draws our attention in Urgup is that it has almost the largest non-alcoholic restaurant in Nevsehir in terms of food. Sukurogulları… Here you can find every dish from jug kebab to rice pudding to pottery kebab and leave the venue at an affordable price.

It is possible to talk about two restaurants where you can taste all local delicacies in Goreme, where the view while eating is as interesting as its food. The first of these is Nostalgia Restaurant. First of all, you can eat the test kebab and then the famous acid dessert of the region, against a perfectly heartwarming view. The place, which attracts attention with its homemade wines and dry appetizers, is among the places that travelers recommend to each other.

The second one is Han Room Saklıbahce Meat Restaurant, which everyone in Nevsehir should try to wrap meat on tile. Its ambiance and being intertwined with nature are some of the reasons for preference.

In addition, the town of Kaymaklı has another unique product. Dry cream. Even a trademark registration was made in 2010 for this product, which is not available everywhere. This flavor, which is dry, in blocks and has a very intense milk taste, is only available in Kaymaklı.

Shopping In Nevsehir

Wouldn’t you like to beautify your Nevsehir trip with shopping? Nevsehir can be divided into two within the scope of shopping. You may want to come to this region, which amazes with its history, nature and culture, and take it home with its beautiful foods. The local tandoori ring is a rare and increasingly rare product. The tandoori ring, which is a very difficult food, comes out of the hands of Ms. GUlay in Urgup. If you go to Urgup, you can take this delicacy made to order with you. 40 of them are wrapped in a rope and find their place in travelers’ bags.

Another flavor is pumpkin seeds. Every time one goes to Cappadocia, someone orders pumpkin seeds. This is because the region, which has nothing to grow but grapes and zucchini, specializes in these matters. Roasted Kuruyemisci in Avanos can be an example of this. It is possible to find the products of this place, which roasts pumpkin seeds with milk and offers a good food, in other places.

Apart from this, of course, wine is bought from Cappadocia, which is famous for its wines. You can buy famous homemade wines, which are also offered in fairy chimney-shaped bottles, from the cellars. Turasan and Kocabag wine cellars are leading the way in this regard. In these places, you can both taste the wine and take it as a gift. Kocabag is located in Uchisar and Turasan is located in Urgup. If you want to find yourself in innovations, we recommend that you try mulberry and cherry wine and buy it if you like it.

Another famous aspect of Nevsehir is that the Avanos region has its origins in the Hittites, and this region is the pioneer in the making of the jug. The peculiarity of this region is that the red mud, which provides a unique use in the production of materials such as jugs, pots and pans, originates from the Avanos region. There are many ceramic workshops and handmade sales shops carved from rocks in this region. In addition, this region offers you the opportunity to make your own product or watch how it is made.

Brush Seramik is an important venue in this region. You can find everything from giant ceramic works to small souvenirs in the place, which attracts attention with its beautiful presentation and lighting. Another workshop that specializes in this is Chez Galip. The place famous for its huge sheet metal collection is located in Avanos. If you like and try to buy a product that you cannot carry, do not worry. These products can be sent to any place you want with protected cargo.

Another unknown feature of the Goreme region is its weaving. There are many weaving workshops and shops in this area. Woven vests, bags and rugs that you can find at affordable prices can increase your shopping options. Nevsehir, which is also frequented by collectors, is also famous for its valuable antique rugs, which are sold in stores such as Bazaar 54, Sentez Halı and Hadosan Halı in Urgup.

Nevsehir Nightlife

When you travel to Nevsehir, do not leave without tasting the nightlife! Nevsehir has started to be more active in terms of nightlife in recent years and is developing itself in this regard. Nightlife in the Cappadocia region, which is an indispensable place for many tourists, is mostly based on local nights, Turkish nights. Although many hotels organize their own night entertainment, there are more clubs and bars in places such as Urgup, Goreme and Avanos.

First of all, in the place called Uranos Sarıkaya, built inside the cave (most places and hotels in Nevsehir draw attention with this feature), there is dinner service with and without show. Afterwards, the place, which is cheered with folklore and local activities, offers activities prepared with the local clothes of regions such as Antep, Black Sea and Adıyaman. Among the games, the atmosphere of the game fills the gap with music like halay. Later at night, it continues to serve with its oriental show and dances accompanied by music.

Turkish nights are generally held to introduce visitors to Turkish tradition, food and activities. The Dervish show is usually presented to the audience, who can choose packages with or without meals. Pieces of Turkish music are presented in between, and an oriental show is held in the following hours. The program is generally the same everywhere. Turkish folklore dances and activities of various regions are shaped just as we explained in the content of Uranos Cafe.

The event, which draws the guests into the show, becomes fun with some theatrical performances. Towards the end, it is possible to see Caucasian dance groups on the track. Turkish night in Nevsehir nightlife generally follows this way. Apart from Uranos, Yasar Baba is one of the leading places in this regard. The venue, known as Yemeni Restaurant, is among the preferred venues in the concept of Turkish night with its sema shows and fasil nights.

Another nighttime activity can be to visit the wine houses in the Nevsehir region. The wines produced from the Emir grapes unique to the region have gained a world-renowned reputation that has exceeded the dimensions of the country. In these nights, where you can taste various wines of different colors and flavors, the first place we come across is Asım’s Place.

The venue, which does not offer accommodation or food service, can be considered as a wine house, cafe, terrace and disco-bar complex. Located in the Esbelli neighborhood of Urgup, the venue attracts great attention. Apart from Asım’s Place, the most famous place that stands out in this regard is Mahzen Wine House. The place, which attracts attention with its appearance and ambiance, is among the first places recommended by visitors.

In addition to these, Nevsehir offers alternatives for visitors who are not looking for something different. Clubs and discos located in Urgup and Avanos regions can be another option. Opened by the restoration of an old inn, Prokopi Plus is a famous club in Urgup that hosts various guests and artists. For those who say they want to dance for a long time, this place can be a good recommendation. In addition, the name of this place comes from Prokopi, the old name of Urgup.

For our readers who wish to spend a quieter night, we can recommend One Way Cafe in Goreme. In this place, which hosts many live music and concerts, you can have your meal and watch a match or come across a nice concert or listen to local musicians and have a nice night.

Nevsehir Festivals

Cappadox Festival takes place in Cappadocia every year in May. Cappadox offers a unique festival atmosphere with music, contemporary art, gastronomy and outdoor activities.

Hacibektas Veli Memorial Ceremonies, as mentioned above, are held between the 16th and 18th days of August every year. Among the ceremonies held in the Hacıbektas district, there are scientific and social activities for Bektashi culture. The interest in the ceremonies, which has large participants throughout the country, also welcomes participants from abroad.

Urgup Vintage Festival is held every year for 3 days on the days when the vintage starts. The festival, in which vineyards and winemaking are tried to be promoted, consists of many competitions and music performances on this subject.

Avanos Festival (Cappadocia Handicrafts and Art Days) is held every year for 5 days. However, these days were determined as 18 June, 25 June, 13 August, 28 August and 10 September for 2017, not consecutively. The festival, whose main purpose is to meet the social activity needs of the people and to raise this culture, also plays a major role in promoting products with artistic value. In addition, the festival is organized in an international context and various events are organized in this context.

Aksalur Cherry Festival is held in Aksalur town of Urgup every year on 20 June and the ceremonies last for one day. The aim of this event is to develop and promote the cherry production in the town.

Useful Information For Nevsehir

  • Emergency Help: 112
  • Fire: 110
  • Police: 155

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