Trip To Paro City | Bhutan Travel Guide

Trip to Paro City | Bhutan Travel Guide

If you are thinking of traveling to Paro City, Bhutan, you are in the right place. When you come to Paro, you are left alone with your inner world. There is a very different situation from our lives. They do all their work by hand, and this becomes their routine work during the day. Silence, serenity, inner peace are a few of the emotions you will feel while coming to Paro. Bhutan is an expensive country, so act with your finances in mind.

There is a fee payment for each day you are present. Since Paro has untouched forests, it has been a frequent destination for many photographers, documentary filmmakers and biologists. There are many camping and hiking areas. The most famous is the Jhomohari Trek route. Paro attracts tourists with its different beauty. It’s just that the transportation is a bit difficult, but when you enter the country, you realize that it will be worth it.

Where is Paro? | Bhutan Travel Guide


Let us share with you some of the things you need to know when traveling to Paro City. Paro is a city of Bhutan, one of the countries of South Asia with its unique culture. Bhutan is located east of the Himalayan Mountains and its capital is Thimpu. Paro, where you will feel the unique traditional culture of Asia, has a view that you cannot see anywhere else. You will not be able to take your eyes off the many special temples and architecture. Among the cities of Bhutan, Paro is the only city with an airport. This airport is a world famous place.

Because the most difficult landing and take-off in the world is done here. In fact, only 12 Bhutanese pilots were able to land on Paro. If you want to land with your private jet, a Bhutanese pilot lands with you in Paro. Therefore, those who will make a trip to Paro are more comfortable in terms of transportation than those who want to visit other cities. However, for tourists who want to visit other cities, they can easily reach other cities by road via Paro.

How to Get a Visa to Go to Paro?


In order to go to Paro, you must first enter Bhutan. We must perform the necessary procedures to enter Bhutan. It will be much easier for you to go to Bhutan by knowing the visa procedures. Because it is not possible to go to Bhutan without a Bhutanese tour operator.

The state of Bhutan has not placed any restrictions on tourists, so every citizen can travel with a tour company. First, you find a reliable Bhutan tour company, and then this tour company makes an online application to the Bhutan Tourism Council in Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan, on your behalf. This tourism council also checks the payment transactions you have made to the tour company and sends the positive or negative result of this control to the tour company by writing a confirmation letter.

Then, the tour company submits a visa application to the Bhutan Foreign Office on your behalf with this confirmation letter. All you have to do is send a photo and a scanned picture of your passport to the tour company. Although official affairs may seem a bit long, in fact, you only have to find a reliable tour company. Because most of the necessary transactions are carried out by the tour company.

When your Bhutan visa application is approved, the Ministry sends your approval number to Druk Air (Bhutan Airlines) and your tour company. You can also enter Bhutan with this confirmation number. You can purchase tickets when the confirmation number sent to you reaches Druk Air. Otherwise, you cannot buy tickets. Druk Air has flights from New Delhi, Kathmandu, Bangkok, Kolkata.

When you enter Paro, do not be surprised to see colorful prayer flags everywhere. Because these prayer flags are a symbol in their religious belief. You will also come across many Buddhist monks clad in orange and red clothes. Paro appears before us like a fairy tale land with a beauty that you can’t even believe your eyes. This is a place that has never lost its old and traditional culture and can still keep it alive.

Watching thousands of realistic shades of blue in the sky or taking a long look at the snowy peaks; This is the kind of place one can never regret coming to. Paro, which has a magnificent architecture with thousands of wooden houses built on the hills, square-shaped white stone bodies and red windows and roofs on it.

Paro Local Clothing

The clothes of the Bhutanese people are almost like a costume. Men wear clothes called “gho”. They are tied at the waist with a sash. Women, on the other hand, wear patterned “rent” dresses in red, navy blue and green colors. The people of Bhutan seem to have infinite power in the sense of resignation. Children and the public just stare in surprise when the tourist sees someone. In fact, when the children appear in the photo frames, they start laughing by looking at themselves. It’s really exciting to even see this scene.

Paro City Transportation

When you travel to Paro City, you should also know how to get there. The city of Paro is a bit difficult in terms of urban transportation. Because many mountains do not pass in terms of roads. That’s why it’s still possible to go from town to town on foot even at these times.

Paro Climate

Generally, the weather is cold and windy, even spring is cool here. In the summer, storms are seen due to monsoon rains. The sky, which changes every season, offers you different and fascinating views.

Where to Stay in Paro – Regions of Paro

The city, which attracts great attention with its unique nature and Buddhist teachings that continue in parallel with the daily life that many people are curious about, does not have a very large area with its mountainous terrain. Especially when it comes to facilities, in this unique city where alternatives are less and less, some of the guests who will vacation want to choose their hotels according to their region. Our regional suggestions for our readers who are in search of this idea are as follows.

First of all, we recommend the city center area, which is the most central point of the city spread over the valley. When you step out of the center, Olathang region, which is fascinating with its nature, comes to the fore as another alternative. Among our other suggestions are the Lango area, located in the upper reaches of the Paro Chu River, and the Airport area, which is the easiest option for transportation. Satsam region, which is one of the places preferred by those who love outdoor activities, is the last of the regions we will list for the city.

Since it is not possible to enter the country individually, you must act together with a tour company. Even if you plan all the details yourself, if you pay an amount per night to the tourism company, it is possible to enter the city and stay. Buses traveling between the cities of Bhutan from Paro International Airport, the only airport in the country, rent a car and taxi; It is among your options for transportation from this area to other cities and regions.

We usually recommend walking for transportation within the city. Paro, which is as big as a town rather than a city, also offers transportation by bicycle and taxi. If you join the monastery tours of the tour companies, the transportation problem is also eliminated.

Paro Hotels Located in The City Center Area


In the valley of the mountainous city, we collect the central region hotels under this heading, where you can accompany the life that goes on while the Paro Chu River flows on one side. Our list, where you can see the best central hotels we can recommend for you, is on the bottom line.

Hotel Dorjee Ling

Features: Free Wi-Fi, free parking
Location: Main Street, Paro Town

  • Hotel Drukchen

Features: Free Wi-Fi, free parking
Location: Khangkhu

  • Tashiling Hotel

Features: 3-star, free Wi-Fi, free parking, breakfast, airport shuttle, bar
Location: Paro Town

  • Sonem Trophel Inn

Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, free parking, breakfast, tea/coffee maker, airport shuttle
Location: Bridge Paro Town

  • Hotel Khamsum

Features: 3-star, Free Wi-Fi, free parking, breakfast, tea/coffee maker
Location: Paro Town

Paro Hotels in Olathang

Located just outside the center, this area is also among the areas in high demand by guests visiting the city. The facilities located in this region, which is bordered by green hills on one side and overlooking the city view on the other side; Although they are not very luxurious, they provide an average level of service in regional standards.

  • Hotel Silverpine

Features: Free Wi-Fi, breakfast, bar, airport shuttle
Location: Olathang

  • Dewachen Resort & Spa

Features: 3-star, free Wi-Fi, free parking, breakfast, airport shuttle, tea/coffee maker, SPA
Location: Nemjo village

  • Paro penlop Dawa Penjor Heritage Farm House

Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, free parking, breakfast, airport shuttle, tea/coffee maker, bar
Location: Carpenters Road Geptey

  • Olathang Hotel

Features: Free Wi-Fi, free parking, tea/coffee maker
Location: Olathang

  • Pelri cottages

Features: Free parking, breakfast, bar
Location: Above hospital

Paro Hotels in Lango

Located in the high parts of Paro Chu, this area is close to the countryside where the city’s agricultural lands are located. In the city where you will feel very close to the sky, almost all of the regional facilities also have transportation service to the airport.

  • Ama’s Village Lodge

Features: Free Wi-Fi, free parking, breakfast, bar, airport shuttle
Location: Lango Village

  • Tenzinling Resort

Features: Free Wi-Fi, free parking
Location: Lango

  • Kichu Resort

Features: 3-star, free Wi-Fi, free parking, airport shuttle, bar, SPA
Location: Lango

  • Viewpoint Lodge

Features: Free Wi-Fi, free parking, breakfast, airport shuttle, bar
Location: Satsam

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