Trip To Podgorica | Montenegro Travel Guide

Trip To Podgorica | Montenegro Travel Guide

If you are thinking of traveling to Podgorica, Montenegro, you are in the right place. Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, is also the largest city in the country. Montenegro, which was a communist country under the rule of Yugoslavia between 1946-1992, remained under the rule of the Ottoman Empire for many years in this country.

Due to the fact that it is a developed country with different political and cultural influences of this kind, there is a wide variety of architecture and food and beverage culture in the capital Podgorica. The Morača and Ribnica rivers that run through the city reinforce the natural beauty of the city.

The city is equidistant from the winter tourism centers in the north and the Adriatic coast in the south. In order to leave the next city under European influence after the independence of the country, it resembles a mass Western city with wide streets and boulevards, which have been built and inhabited since then. These neighborhoods are called Nova Varos (New Neighborhood).

Where Is Podgorica?


Let us share with you some of the things you need to know when traveling to Podgorica. Podgorica is located in the middle of Montenegro.

When To Go To Podgorica?

The best time to visit Podgorica, which has a Mediterranean climate, is between May-June and September-October. In July and August, the temperatures in the city rise a lot.

Best Places To Visit In Podgorica

Podgorico is a city that fascinates those who see it with its architecture woven in the form of a cultural mosaic.

Stara Varos


Stara Varos, the oldest quarter of Podgorica, has typical Ottoman architecture. There are also two mosques in the neighborhood. Doganjska Mosque was built in the 15th century and Osmanagić Mosque was built in the 18th century.

Petrovic Palace


There is also a museum within this old palace. More glamorous exhibitions are held in the galleries on the lower floor, while eccentric contemporary art exhibitions are held on the upper floor.

St. George’s Cathedral


Located behind the Gorica hill, this Orthodox church is the oldest in the city. Its frescoes dating back centuries are more interesting than icons made in the later period.

Cathedral Of The Resurrection Of Christ


With its large dome, white stone walls and gold crosses, this Serbian Orthodox-style cathedral is a striking detail in the city skyline. Although the construction, which started in 1993, is still not finished, you are still allowed to go inside and see the golden frescoes.

Other places to visit in Podgorica

  • Clock Tower
  • Millennium Bridge
  • Ribnica Castle
  • Nikola Statue
  • Vladimir Vysockij Statue
  • Beaches
  • Osmanagic Mosque
  • Doganjska Mosque
  • Galerija Centar.

Transportation In Podgorica


When you travel to Podgorica, you should also know how to get there. Podgorica Airport is located 9 kilometers south of the city. In order to come to the city center by taxi from the airport, you must accept the standard price application. Podgorica is a fairly small city. You don’t need to use public transport while visiting the city.

Podgorica Cuisine


Your trip to Podgorica continues, if you can’t decide what to eat, then it’s time to talk about what to eat in Montenegro. Montenegrin’s cuisine has historically developed under the influence of Ottoman, Italian and Serbian cuisines. Italian influence is more dominant on the Adriatic coast. The influence of Ottoman cuisine is seen in both flavors and names. There are dishes with the same name, such as meatballs, wrap, moussaka, pilaf, börek, kebab and soup. You can also find delicacies such as baklava and tulumba dessert in Podgorica. In addition, regional differences are also evident in Montenegro cuisine, which is also influenced by Hungarian and Croatian cuisine.

Popular restaurants

Lupo di Mare: Lupo di Mare, the most luxurious restaurant in the city, is very famous for its delicious seafood and fish. The restaurant, which also has maritime themes in its interior decoration, has an extensive wine menu that mainly includes local products.

Leonardo: As the name suggests, this Italian restaurant, known for its delicious pasta, has very affordable prices. A standard pizza costs around 5 Euros.

Tip: In Podgorica restaurants, there is no obligation to tip if you do not give it or it is not included in the account. But of course, they will be happy if you leave 10 percent of the bill as a tip.

Shopping In Podgorica

Wouldn’t you like to beautify your Podgorica trip with shopping? There are not many original products when it comes to shopping in Podgorica. There are two shopping centers in the city. These are Delta City and Mall of Montenegro.

Podgorica Nightlife

Podgorica, which does not have a lively nightlife, has two popular bars called Buda Bar and Greenwich. When you travel to Podgorica, do not leave without tasting the nightlife!

Podgorica Festivals

  • Electronic Beats Cultural Festival
  • Underhill Fest
  • Festival Of Tolerance (May)

Podgorica Public Holidays

  • New Year (January 1)
  • Orthodox Christmas Eve (January 6)
  • Orthodox Christmas (January 7)
  • Good friday
  • Labor Day (May 1)
  • Orthodox Easter
  • Independence Day (May 21)
  • State Day (July 13-14)

Useful Information For Podgorica

  • Emergency assistance: 124
  • Fire: 123
  • Police: 122

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