Trip To Sana | Yemen Travel Guide

Trip To Sana | Yemen Travel Guide

If you are thinking of traveling to Sana, Yemen, you are in the right place. As both the largest city and the capital of the Republic of Yemen, one of the most beautiful Arab countries in Western Asia, Sana’a is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. It is believed to have been founded by Noah’s son, Shem. For this reason, the city is also called the ‘City of Sam’.

The city, which is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, still draws attention with its characteristic architectural beauties, even though it was bombed in the wars in the past years.

This crowded city with a population of 1,937,451 people in the city center of 126 square kilometers is divided into Sana, New and Old City. As the name suggests, there are historical buildings in the smaller Old Town section. The New City, on the other hand, has been expanding and modernizing since the 1960s.

Sana has a cooler climate than most Arab countries with its semi-arid climate, which is not seen in many places. Tourists prefer to visit this place mostly in spring or autumn, as temperatures rise up to 42 degrees in summer.

Although the city has many cultural richness and touristic places, its economy is still not fully dependent on tourism due to the recent wars. However, the city has had an important place in mining since the past. Important minerals such as agate, chalcedony and agate are mined from the mountains around Sana.

Where Is Sana?


Let us share with you some of the things you need to know when traveling to Sana. Sana, the capital of the Republic of Yemen, located in the southernmost part of the Arabian Peninsula, is in the hands of the country. To the south are Hezyaz and Artil, outlets Sahar, currently Luluwah, and to the northeast are Bayt Marran.

When To Go To Sana?

Sana has a cooler climate than most Arab countries with its semi-arid climate, which is not seen in many places. Tourists prefer to visit this place mostly in spring or autumn, as temperatures rise up to 42 degrees in summer.

Where To Stay In Sana?

The most correct answer to the question of where to stay in Sana will be the New City section. There are nice hotels in the area, which is within walking distance of the Old City, where you can get what you pay for. Especially in Tahrir region, there are many options from 5-star hotels to hostels.

Places To Visit In Sana

Sana, one of the oldest dwellings in the world, is a city recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Even though the protected areas were bombed during the wars in the past years, it still draws attention with its characteristic architectural beauties. Its historical structures impress with both their craftsmanship and their giganticness. The places to visit in Sana, which is divided into two as the Old City and the New City, are mostly located in the Old City.

National Museum


Statues belonging to the pre-Islamic kingdoms Saba and Hadramawt can be seen on the first two floors of the National Museum in Sana’a, one of the largest museums in the Arabian Peninsula. The second floor focuses on the medieval Islamic period.

Bab Al-Yaman


It can be said that there is no way that those who go to the city of Sana will not see this structure called the Yemen Gate. The current version of the gate was made by the Ottomans in the 17th century. The Yemen Gate is also one of the many gates that provide access to the Old City of Sana’a.

Al-Saleh Mosque


The Saleh Mosque, the largest and most modern mosque in Sana’a, was inaugurated in 2008 by President Ali Abdullah Saleh. The mosque, with an area of 27,300 square meters, is a must-see, even though it has a modern architecture.

Souq Al-Milh


Meaning ‘Salt Market’, Souq al-Milh is located very close to the Yemen Gate. It is possible to find many products from the region, from spices to antique objects, from sultan’s clothes to bread, in this historical market located in the center of the Old City.

Transportation In Sana

When you travel to Sana, you should also know how to get there. Although local people prefer to walk more in Sana, the weather may not always be suitable for this. Minibuses operating from 06:00 in the morning until 01:00 at night are ideal for traveling around the city. Other than that, you can try motorcycle taxis or regular taxis. Since the taximeter does not work in both, it is necessary to bargain.

Sana Cuisine


Your trip to Sana continues, if you can’t decide what to eat, then it’s time to talk about what to eat in Sana. The country of Yemen, which has hosted many cultures in its history, and its capital, Sana, has a very rich culinary culture. Due to the arid climate, they prepare meals using mostly chicken or mutton. The most famous dish in the region is ‘saltah’. This juicy dish, which is mostly preferred for lunch, includes roasted meat, fenugreek, tomatoes and garlic. Another must-taste dish is ‘fahsa salta’, which is prepared juicy with lamb, potatoes, tomatoes and garlic. It is possible to find both products in restaurants.

In Sana, it is recommended not to buy food from street vendors for hygiene reasons.

Popular restaurants

Houmald Salta, Al-Shaibani Modern Restaurant, Ak-Fakher Restaurant, Zeyna Food, Al-Deewan Restaurant, Palestine Restaurant, Mysore Palace Restaurant.


There is no obligation to tip you at their restaurant if you do not give it to them or if it is not included in the account. But of course they will be happy if you leave 10% of the bill as a tip.

Shopping in Sana

Wouldn’t you like to beautify your Sana trip with shopping? While you are walking on the streets of Sana, it is possible to see people selling products, peddlers or shops around you all the time. There are daggers, handmade belts, pouches, necklaces and bracelets, most of which can be souvenirs. You can also buy local clothes if you wish. Of course, as in every Arab country, it is possible to find all kinds of spices in Sana’a.

Sana Nightlife

To spend time in the evening in Sana, mostly go to tea and coffee houses. You can have nice conversations with the local people and spend time until late at night at the ‘Friends Cafeteria’ in Al Tahrir. Another option can be the Coffee Trader in Hadda Sokak. Apart from these, you can go to the lobby or restaurants of hotels such as Movenpick. When you travel to Sana, do not leave without tasting the nightlife!

Sana Festivals


Sana Summer Festival (August): You can taste local dishes and watch cultural dances at the Sana Summer Festival, held in the Old City part of the city to promote Sana and Yemeni culture, lifestyle and traditions.

Sana Public Holidays

  • Labor Day (May 1)
  • Unity Day (22 May)
  •  Feast of Ramadan
  • Feast of Sacrifice
  • North Yemen Revolution Day (26 September)
  • Revolution Day (14 October)
  • Independence Day (30 November)
  • Prophet’s Birthday (December 1)

Useful Information for You

  • Emergency assistance: 191
  • Fire: 191
  • Police: 194

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