Trip To Torshavn | Faroe Islands Travel Guide

Trip To Torshavn | Faroe Islands Travel Guide

If you are thinking of traveling to Torshavn, Faroe Islands, you are in the right place. Torshavn is the capital of the Faroe Islands, an autonomous administrative unit of Denmark located between Iceland and Norway. It has the largest population in the region with approximately 13,000 indigenous people. It is located southeast of Streymoy Island. Torshavn has been a settlement for over 1000 years, ever since the Vikings arrived in the area. Although it has been modernized in many ways, it still continues to give that historic and cozy feel to travelers.

The Vikings established their parliament on the Tingane peninsula in 850 AD. Thus Tórshavn became the capital of the Faroe Islands and has remained so ever since. Tórshavn became the center of the islands’ trade monopoly, making it the only legal place for islanders to sell and buy goods. In 1856 the trade monopoly was abolished and the islands were opened to free trade.

Never say you are in Denmark when you are in the Faroe Islands because the Islanders say they are not Danes and are very angry with those who claim otherwise. The media outlets in Denmark, which say that the Faroese natives are immature and reactionary, further inflame this conflict.

Where Is Torshavn?


Let us share with you some of the things you need to know when traveling to Torshavn. Torshavn is located in the Faroe Islands, located between Iceland and Norway in an east-west direction, 320 km north-west of Great Britain.

When To Go To Torshavn?

Torshavn is a geography that receives heavy rainfall throughout the year and temperatures are stable throughout the year. The average temperature does not go above 20 degrees, nor does it go below 0 degrees. During the summer months (July-August), the temperature is around 14-15 degrees on average. Even in the driest months of June, July and August, there are 5-6 days without rain in total. From October to March there are only a few days without precipitation.

Therefore, we recommend that you arrange the dates that suit you or coincide with the festivals in Torshavn. Because Torshavn’s climate and weather will not help you much in arranging the date.

Best Places To Visit In Torshavn

Torshavn generously welcomes its visitors with its unique Faroes nature and history. It does a very good job of reflecting its own culture and northern culture with its museum, art centers, theaters and historical buildings. It offers a beautiful northern experience with not only places to visit, but also activities you can do besides eating with your friends and drinking delicious northern wines.

The Nordic House


It is the largest and most important institution in the Faroes Islands, where art exhibitions are held. Various activities are organized in this center to strengthen the cultural bond between Scandinavian and Faroes ethnicities.

Opened in 1983, Nordic House was designed by Norwegian architect Ola Steen and Icelandic architect Kolbrún Ragnarsdóttir. Considered one of the best examples of modern Scandinavian architecture, Nordic House regularly hosts art festivals. Run by a committee of 8, 3 Faroese and 5 Scandinavian, Nordic House is a fine example of Scandinavian architecture.

There is a large lobby, cafe and an amphitheater inside this building, which impresses those who see it with its wind and hurricane-resistant structure and natural grass roof. The Nordic House, which hosts concerts, exhibitions, theaters and countless other artistic activities, is open between 10 and 17 on weekdays and between 14 and 17 on Sundays.

Faroe Islands Parliament


Føroya Løgting, ie Parliament of the Faroe Islands, in Faroese; It means Faroese Law-Thing in English. The Parliament still continues its function of governing the Faroe Islands, and today it constitutes a 7-party parliament with 33 deputies. From the day the Vikings arrived in Torshavn, the Parliament building has been used by the Vikings, Norway, Denmark and today the Faroes Self-Government.

The Troshavnians closed the Viking Age, but lived as a self-governing community for about 150 years, when the Vikings who settled on the island in about 850 AD came under the rule of the Kingdom of Norway as a result of the death of the famous Viking Tróndur í Gøtu, who brought Christianity to the Faroes Islands in 1035. . With the entry of approximately 1380 Faroese under the rule of the Danish Throne with Norway; The island was found to come under Danish Administration, which would last until 1946.

This building, which was used as the parliament building during all these management changes, is still standing and used as before, although it has undergone maintenance and repair work many times. It is one of the must-see places in Torshavn to witness the real Faroese and Torshavn history.

Torshavn Cathedral


Torshavn Cathedral, located in Tinganes, the ancient city of Torshavn – also the seat of the Faroes Parliament – is the second oldest church in the Faroes Islands.

The white colored church was built in 1788. It is located in the north of the Tinganes peninsula and is one of the city’s most important tourist attractions. Like many churches of the country, it is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran national church of the Faroe Islands. It is the residence of the Bishop of the Faroes since 1990 and is therefore known as the cathedral.

The distant history of the church is rather complex and unknown. As a result of all the research, there is no other church in Torshavn in the Middle Ages and before, but a small place of worship. However, in 1609 a neat church was built on top of a steep slope. The construction of this church was also done by King IV. “Give the Faroese people some timber to build their own church,” Christian said. started by order.

In 1780, after Rasmus Jørgen Winther Torshavn became president, he decided to have a new church built on the island. After the completion and consecration of the new church in 1788, some of the items in the 4th Christian Church were auctioned and some were placed in the new church.

Faroe Islands National Museum


The Faroe Islands National Museum is located a little outside Torshavn City Centre.

Today, the museum is divided into the Cultural History Museum and the Natural History Museum. The Cultural History Museum was established in 1952. The Natural History Museum was founded in 1955.

In 2013, a new permanent exhibition was set up in the exhibition area; Nature and Culture – National Museum.

This permanent exhibition deals with the geological, botanical, zoological, archaeological and folk and historical life of the Faroe Islands.

The museum is working on a project to preserve and restore the original buildings and tools of a whaling station north of Torshavn. This whaling station is the only living Norwegian whaling station in the northern hemisphere. This land station features a whaling museum and a historic maritime heritage site.

RIB62 Tour


This tour takes you around Torshavn in fast speedboats, giving you a perspective on the Faroe Islands and Torshavn that you wouldn’t be able to look at otherwise. The boat, which leaves the pier quickly, carries you to landscapes that you will never witness again in your life.

Except for the tours organized during the summer season between May 1 and September 1, special reservations are required for out-of-season tours. You will be informed by evaluating the weather and sea conditions on the dates you want to make the tour. During the boat tour, you will see the islands of Hestur and Koltur, observe the Torshavn Lighthouse and various sea caves.

Not only as a boat tour, you can organize many activities such as outdoor dining, cave diving, nature walks, and you can witness the unlimited Torshavn and Faroes nature with your group.

Transportation In Torshavn


When you travel to Torshavn, you should also know how to get there. Since most of the places to see, restaurants, hotels and nightclubs in Torshavn are very close to each other in the center, there is no need for public transportation. However, the times of the local buses (red buses) covering Torshavn’s center and surrounding areas can be followed from the tourist offices, bus stops or on the schedules inside the buses. These buses are free.

Torshavn Cuisine


Your trip to Torshavn continues, if you can’t decide what to eat, then it’s time to talk about what to eat in Torshavn. Seafood is the main element of Torshavn Cuisine, as the ocean is no farther than 1 kilometer from anywhere in Torshavn. The majority of the locals prefer to buy their dinner supplies from fishing boats rather than from markets. Being away from the mainland due to weather conditions and being in touch with the sea has greatly affected the cuisine. Meats and cheeses other than lamb and sheep are imported.

Most of the good restaurants in the area specialize in local delicacies. However, there are of course dishes from different cultures. Torshavn chefs often compete to use the most local and fresh produce. This competition greatly increases the quality and taste of the food you will eat in Torshavn.

Popular Restaurants

Barbara Fish House: Barbara Fish House is the most popular restaurant in the region, which includes local Faroese cuisine on its menu. It has a quality and expensive wine menu. There is also a vegetarian and vegan menu.

Etika: Etika, Torshavn’s best sushi restaurant. It is a popular restaurant in Torshavn with its sushi made with fresh fish of the region and the prompt service of its staff.

Aarstova: With large portions and unique lamb dishes, you can find good examples of traditional meat dishes you can eat in Torshavn in Aarstova.

Other restaurants

  • Cafe Natur
  • Raest
  • Restaurant 11
  • Koks

Shopping In Torshavn

Wouldn’t you like to beautify your Torshavn trip with shopping? Famous for its goats, Torshavn’s sweaters made from the wool of these goats are just as famous. The white wool sweaters that you can find in the shops in the center and that will be familiar to you from Northern European movies and TV series are among the most special, local products you can buy from Torshavn. You can find jewelry, handcrafted design products and souvenirs from the stores selling designer products in the center.

Torshavn Nightlife

There are State Monopoly Shops in Torshavn where you can find cheap alcohol, and the beer prices in these shops are lower than the price you would drink in any bar. However, alcohol prices are generally high in Torshavn, as in all Faroe Islands, including in the State Monopoly Shops. Therefore, before going to any bar, we recommend that you stop by these shops and have a few beers and cocktails and then start the fun. Remember that locals do it too. Nightlife in Torshavn generally gets lively on Fridays and Saturdays after 12 o’clock.

You can experience the nightclubs, which are generally gathered in the center, by visiting each of them in one night. Luux Nightclub One of Torshavn’s popular entertainment venues, they don’t take anyone under the age of 25 and usually plays electronic music. In places called Mojo Club and Rex, it is usually possible to come across live music. When you travel to Torshavn, do not leave without tasting the nightlife!

Torshavn Festivals
  • Torshavn Jazz Festival (August): Held every year in August, the festival is considered one of the most important festivals that brings together the best jazz bands in Europe.
  • Ólavsøka Festival (June)
  • Voxbotn (June)
  • Torsfest (June)
Torshavn Public Holidays
  • New Year (January 1)
  • Holy Thursday (April 2)
  • Good Friday (April 3)
  • Monday Easter (April 5)
  • National Flag Day (April 25)
  • Prayer Day (May 1)
  • Ascension of Jesus (May 14)
  • st. Night of Olav (July 28)
  • st. Olav’s Day (29 July)
  • Christmas (25 December)
Useful Information For Torshavn
  • Emergency help: 112
  • Fire Brigade:112
  • Police: 114

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