Trip To Victoria (Mahe Island) | Seychelles Travel Guide

Trip To Victoria (Mahe Island) | Seychelles Travel Guide

If you are thinking of traveling to Victoria, Seychelles, you are in the right place. Victoria, the capital and largest city of Seychelles, is located on the Seychelles’ largest island, Mahe. Victoria, the smallest capital city in Africa, was first established by British colonists. Since the city was developed in terms of fishing, many canning factories were established in the city.

When To Go To Victoria? (Mahe Island)

Let us share with you some of the things you need to know when traveling to Victoria. Since the temperature is always at the same level, it can be visited in any period. Temperatures are around 24-29 degrees throughout the year. It can be said that the summer months are more ideal since the summer months are the least rainy period of the year.

Places To Visit In Victoria?

Victoria Botanic Gardens


National Museum


Clock tower


Old England Courthouse


Selwyn-Clarke Market


Selwyn Bay And Its Beaches Old England Courthouse


Victoria (Mahe Island) Food / Restaurant / What to Eat and Drink?

Your trip to Victoria continues, if you can’t decide what to eat, then it’s time to talk about what to eat in Victoria. The city is home to many restaurants as it is the capital city. It offers a wide variety of international cuisine, from Chinese cuisine to African cuisine, from French cuisine to Indian cuisine. The most important delicacies you can taste in the city are seafood. Especially the red snapper is one of the delicacies that must be tasted by the visitors.

Shopping In Victoria (Mahe Island)

Wouldn’t you like to beautify your Victoria trip with shopping? In the city where there are no big shopping centers, local markets are where you can find everything. Tropical fruits are especially delicious. Also, local clothes, baskets, wicker products, jewelry and local handicrafts are the most important items you can find. Since water sports are the most important activity of the country, there are many places where you can buy the necessary materials.

Victoria (Mahe Island) Nightlife

Nightlife in the city is quite colorful. Nightclubs are very lively and crowded both on weekdays and on weekends. A few days a week, local dance shows of various African countries in large venues also make the nightlife quite lively. Lovenut Nightclub is shown as the most important nightclub in the city. Large hotel bars are also among the options. When you travel to Victoria, do not leave without tasting the nightlife!

Victoria (Mahe Island) Festivals

The country’s most important festival, the Creole Festival, is celebrated most colorfully in the capital, Victoria. The festival is held in October.

Victoria (Mahe Island) Important Information

The city is quite safe. Since it is a small and touristic city, not many crimes are committed except petty thefts. However, rape rates have increased in recent years with the start of methamphetamine production. For this reason, it is beneficial not to enter the deserted side streets and not to wander alone in the coastal areas, especially at night. Victoria has an international airport. In addition, the national stadium and government institutions are in this city. Victoria’s main exports are vanilla, coconut, coconut oil, tortoise shell and soap.

Victoria (Mahe Island) Climate / Weather

Although it is a country very close to the equator, trade winds soften its climate. From June to November, the warm climate prevails. On Mahe Island, temperatures range from 24-29 degrees throughout the year. The annual rainfall in and around the capital city Victoria is about 2,300 mm. This figure rises up to 3,550 mm as you go to higher regions.

What To Do In Victoria? (Mahe Island)

On Mahe Island, the country’s largest island, on which Victoria is also located, you can catch the chance to swim with fish that you cannot see even in large aquariums on the incredibly beautiful beaches. The most important activities in the city are the water sports it offers. Fishing is also an activity preferred by visitors to the island to relax. You can also go on a city tour and shop at colorful public markets or visit museums and architectural structures.


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