Trip To Yerevan | Armenia Travel Guide

Trip To Yerevan | Armenia Travel Guide

Yerevan is Armenia’s largest city and its capital since 1918. Yerevan is the twelfth capital of Armenia. Yerevan was founded in 782 BC, in the west of the country, in the easternmost part of the plain of Mount Ararat and above the gorges of the Hrazdan River.

It has a history of 2500 years full of war, plunder, fire and earthquakes. After World War I, it became the capital of the short-lived Democratic Republic of Armenia. During the 20th century, when Armenia was one of the 15 Republics of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Yerevan grew rapidly. Yerevan, which was a village with a population of several thousand people during the First Republic, became the cultural, artistic, industrial and political center of Armenia after about 50 years.

With the development of the Armenian economy, Yerevan is changing rapidly. Since the beginning of the 2000s, many new areas have been built in all corners of the city. With its new infrastructures (buildings, neighborhoods, streets, restaurants and other shops), the city of Yerevan is rapidly westernizing, obscuring 70 years of Soviet rule.

Where Is Yerevan?

Yerevan is located on the banks of the Hrazdan River, northeast of the plain of Mount Ararat and in the central west of Armenia.

When To Go To Yerevan?

Due to the city’s location on a plain surrounded by mountains, its distance from the sea and its effects, Yerevan has a continental climate. This climate sometimes varies according to the districts; at higher altitudes, it can be affected by the mountain climate (colder nights and more storms in summer, more frost and snowfall in winter). The average sunshine rate of the city is 2700 hours per year.

All over Yerevan, winters are harsh with heavy snowfall and frost, and summers are often very hot (temperature can reach 35°C, even 40°C in the plain of Mount Ararat). There is little rain in Yerevan (318mm per year) due to heavy summer storms.

Best Places To Visit In Yerevan

Yerevan offers many tourist attractions with its Soviet-era buildings, cobblestone streets, parks, museums and art centers.

Other must see places in Yerevan

  • Hovhannes Tumanyan Museum


  • Martiros Sarian Museum


  • Yervand Kochar Museum


  • National Gallery Of Armenia


  • Blue Mosque


  • People’s Square


  • Cafesjian Center


Transportation In Yerevan


The Yerevan metro includes a 12-kilometer line with 10 stations. Two new stations are also under construction in the north-west of the city. Yerevan has 46 bus and minibus lines and 24 trolleybus lines. Rail systems (train-tramway) also operate in the city. Since 2006, the Yerevan municipality has built a bus stop in every neighborhood of the city. Therefore, the most efficient means of transportation to move around the city is the bus.

Yerevan Cuisine


Bread has a great importance in Armenian cuisine. It is traditionally baked in large clay ovens, especially in villages. These ovens are called toniradius. Lavash, the most eaten (and most popular) Armenian bread, is baked in tonirs and stays fresh for a long time. After cooking, it is left in a cool place to dry and stay fresh. Lavash bread usually stays fresh for a month or two. Before serving, it is moistened to restore its taste and smell. Matnakas is a type of leavened bread that is widely consumed in the country. In some of the various festivals of Armenians, special meals are eaten. It is customary to eat rice prepared with fish and butter and drink wine for dinner on Christmas.

The method of preparing meat, fish and vegetable dishes in Armenian cuisine is either stuffing or pureeing. Lamb, eggplant and bread are the basic ingredients of the cuisine. Bulgur also has an important place in Armenian cuisine.

Popular restaurants

Anteb: It offers examples of ‘Western Armenia’ cuisine. It is the most popular restaurant in the city.

Dolmama’s: Another popular restaurant in Yerevan, Dolmama’s serves Armenian dishes. You must try delicacies such as khoravat and kaslama.

Other restaurants:

  • The Club
  • Ankyun
  • Yerevan Tavern
  • Kharpert Restaurant
  • The Green Bean.

Tip: There is no obligation to tip employees in Armenian restaurants. But they will be happy if you leave 10 percent of the bill as a tip.

Shopping In Yerevan

Armenian Brandi, which locals call cognac, and Armenian vodka are good souvenir options in Yerevan. Apart from that, there are special jams and pickles. The most amazing gift you can get from Armenia is a rug. If you want to buy a new rug, you can go to the Mergeryan Carpet Factory. You can find antique rugs at Vernissage.

Yerevan Nightlife

In Yerevan, which does not have a very active nightlife, the most popular drinking places in summer are open-air cafes and restaurants. These are usually in Opera and Cumhuriyet Square and they are always full. Cheers Pub Yerevan on Abovyan street is a bar where tourists, locals and expats have fun together. It is the most popular bar in the city. Tro’s Pub,Troll Pub and Calumet are other popular venues.

Yerevan Festivals

  • International Music Festival (September-October)
  • International Film Festival / Golden Apricot Film Festival (July)

Yerevan Public Holidays

  • New Year (1-2-3-4 January)
  • Armenian Christmas (January 5-6)
  • Army Day (January 28)
  • International Women’s Day (8 March)
  • Sunday Before Easter
  • Genocide Remembrance Day (24 April)
  • Labor Day (May 1)
  • Victory And Peace Day (9 May)
  • People’s Day (May 28)
  • Vardavar (July 3)
  • Constitution Day (July 5)
  • Independence Day (21 September)

Useful Information for Yerevan

  • Emergency Assistance: 103
  • Fire: 101
  • Police: 102

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