Vienna Town Hall | Vienna | Austria

Vienna Town Hall | Vienna | Austria

Vienna Town Hall, known as the German Wiener Rathaus, is still an active place today. The building is an architectural work made in neo-gothic style, reflecting the effects of 19th century architecture. The construction of the building, which draws attention with its neo-Gothic architectural design, continued between 1872 and 1883. During the construction of the building, Rathausmann, one of the symbols of the city of Vienna, was placed on the tower. In addition, a large park has been built in front of the building.

Renovation work of the building started on September 27, 2012. A budget of 35 million dollars has been allocated for the renovation works and it has been said that the works will continue until 2023.

Vienna Town Hall

With its unique historical texture and eye-catching architecture, Rathaus continues to be one of the most striking places in Vienna. Reflecting all the characteristics of the city of Vienna, which is the capital of fashion and culture in Europe, this building has become one of the cornerstones of the city’s silhouette by combining its deep-rooted historical structure with its modern appearance. The Rathaus is one of the top tourist attractions in Vienna every year. This building, which is one of the first pictures that comes to mind when Vienna is mentioned, contributes to the tourism of the city as well as being an active place still serving.

The architect of Rathaus is Friedrichvon Schmidt. On the right is the University of Vienna and on the left is the Austrian Parliament Building.

Various events are held in front of the Rathaus at certain times of the year. These events ensure that the building maintains its reputation. Vienna Town Hall is an institution that is also open to visitors.

  • Visiting Information: The Town Hall is open to visitors every weekday between 08:00-18:00. With its unique architecture and its lasting vitality, this building remains one of the most eye-catching spots in the city of Vienna.
  • Address:Landesgerichtsstraße 8, 1010 Vienna
  • Directions: You can easily reach Rathaus by taking the metro from the Volkstheater stop.
  • Nearby Places: Wiener Eistraum, Rathausplatz, Burgtheater, Minoritenkirche, Ringstrasse, Universitad Wien, Votivkirche, Natural History Museum, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Volksgarten, Mozart Statue, Leopold Museum, Neue Burg, Heldenplatz, Burgtor.

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